Monday, December 26, 2011

In search of this exact same sheer chiffon shirt in grey. 

Already sold out at mango+orangie.
E-mail me
Thank you! :)

I'm looking for:

1. Bodycon dress
Size: uk10 (Big M)
Price: Below RM50
Color: Black, Electric blue, or any other colors

2. Flare dress
Size: Uk10 (Big M)
Price: Below RM55
Color: Any color

3. Red cardigan
Size: up to UK10
Price: Below RM50
Color: red & any other bright colors

Please e-mail to:

Thanks! :)

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


I'm looking for this super cute and sweety stripes cardigan.
Do you know where to find this? I loveeeee stripes.
Don't mind if it's preloved.
If you found or you selling it, please comment here ASAP. 
Thanks. :)

Hi !!
E-mail me if you have any branded cardigans 
Below RM30 
Any colour will do.

Thanks. :)

Hi there,
I'm looking for this piece of cheongsam in RED.
Please let me know if you see any online shop selling it~ thanks!!

Pls contact me


Looking for a panda beanie like any of the above! :)
Price range, preferably less than RM50 including postage:)
E-mail me at if you have any suggestions. :D
Thank you!

Shoulder width 38cm.
Must be exact same like the pic.
Price rm60 and below.
E-mail add:

Looking for shoulder brooches. 
E-mail me at
Thanks! :)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Buzz me if you have seen or have a nice blazer to sell. :) Printed, plain or colorful just let me know aite ?

I'm looking for this blazer in either black or white.
Dont mind preloved as long as it is in good condition.
Anyone letting it go, please email me at

Thanks :)

Looking for a similar dress from doublewoot or any red dress suitable for work! Fits UK6.
Please e-mail me at if any!

I'm looking for cotton top excatly/similar to this. 
Don't mind preorder or preloved, as long in good condition.
Preferably in off white/cream or any pastel colour.
Email me at

Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm looking for korean backpacks that looks like this.
Please leave links in the comments.

Hi, i'm looking for a galaxy print top. 
Buzz me if you have or found one. :)


I'm looking for this cool and smart shoes. 
Do you know where to find this?
Don't mind if it's preloved. Budget around rm 45.
If you found or you selling it, 
please comment here ASAP or contact me at 017-2637853.
Thanks :)

*Picture credits to Cocktails & Martinis*

I'm (desperately) looking for this dress in these colours; red and/or lilac.
Pre-loved are most welcomed. 
Please leave a comment below; I'll get back to you.


Wednesday, December 7, 2011


I'm looking for this bag. Preferably inspired and don't mind preloved.
Please e-mail me at

I'm looking for a varsity jacket for guys. (:
Any design would do , as long as its nice. 
Pre-order, ready stocks but not preloved unless its in tiptop 
condition. :D 
Anyone knows where i can find a varsity jacket for guys ? 
Please e-mail me if you do know!

1) Tribal printed top. Off shoulder, cut out, anything. Any colour.
2) Fringe top.
3) Feather earrings, medium sized, less than RM15 including postage.
4) Tribal inspired fitted skirt, fits large M- small L, not too short not too 

Contact :


I'm looking for this envelope clutch in brown. 
Price preferably below 40 including postage. 
Preloved is acceptable. 
Please contact me through 

Monday, December 5, 2011

Anyone knows where I can find a 3/4 sleeve, V-neck, white cardigan?
RM30-RM35 including postage.
Don't mind pre-loved as long as it looks brand new white.
Thanks! :)


I'm desperately looking for this Topshop Inspired Sequined Front Top which was recently been sold at Mango Orangie but has been sold out :-(
I'm willing to pay any price for this top as long as it's below RM 100.
Please please please email me at or comment on this post.

Thank you so much! :-)

*Photo credits to likeigloo*

Looking for...
Scallop Hem top like this.
Will consider any color, brand new or pre-loved, but not pre-order.
Photo as attached :)
Please kindly leave a comment if u have it.
Thanks :D

I'm looking for these Jeffrey Campbell Inspired Shoes either in gold or silver.
Ready stock.
Either preloved or new in size 39/40.
Do email me at
Thanks :)

Hi there,
I'm looking for a topshop inspired bandage dress in RED.
Don't mind pre-loved, drop me a comment or e-mail me at
Thanks for the help!!

Hello there! 
I'm looking for the exact top (polka dot chiffon top) like in this picture.
Dont mind if its pre-order but preferably ready-stock
E-mail me if you have it

Thank you!


I am searching for a formal skirt in black. 
I think its call high waist skirt. Like the picture above.
Please email me at with picture attached together. 
Preferred for it to be new but preloved is fine too. 
Hope to find in size L.


I'm looking for a polka dot palazzo pant.
Pls leave a comment if u sell it or saw it at any blogshop ya.
Budget around RM40-RM50.

Friday, December 2, 2011

*Picture credits to*

I'm looking for this long sleeves t-shirt. it's cool.
Do you know where to find this?
Don't mind if it's preloved.
If you found or you selling it, please contact me at 017-2637853.
Thanks. :)

I am looking for these over-sized cover up.
Budget less than rm40.
Welcome preloved as long it is good condition.
Please e-mail me at
Thanks. :)

Hi there,
I'm looking for this design of cheongsam. 

Pls e-mail me if anyone is selling. 
Thanks. :)

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