Tuesday, August 30, 2011


I'm looking for the exact cotton blazer as shown above. 
Preferable in blue/green or red.

E-mail me at 
if you have it. 
Don't mind if its pre-loved!
Thank you!

Hey there, im looking for something like this..
I would really really really want it in brownish orange....
Preferably faux leather and without the braids-looking at the side....
Price range: rm100 and below...
Thanks a lot... :)

Hey hi hello, 
I've been looking for this multicolor necklace for quite awhile :/ 
Do let me know if you've seen this anywhere or you're selling it ! 
Preloved are welcome too but only in a good condition :)

Looking for oxford shoes =)
Any oxford will do ! below RM50,
Best if with the florals like the picture above =)
Leave a comment if you know where can i get it! thanks

Hi, I am looking for this dress. 
It can be found at Fresh Laundry, but somehow the owner sunddely disappeared and never replied my e-mail.
If any one has this coral princess jasmine dress in coral in size M or L..
please let me know.
Prefer brand new.. but its ok if it is preloved.
Need this dress ASAP.
Thank you.

Friday, August 26, 2011

I'm looking for this Kimono White Dress, looks exactly or similar.
Preferably BRAND NEW but don't mind if it's used.
Price range must below RM40.

Please leave your e-mail in the comment box if you selling it or seeing it,
i will e-mail you personally =), thankssss!

Looking for DIY STUDS
Anyone knows where to find these?
Pls e-mail me:

i'm searching for kimono cardigan. 
my budget is around rm 50. 
thanks :)


Looking for exact/similar items as shown.  
New and pre-loved are welcomed.
Please e-mail me at if you are selling any of the items.

hye there.
i really looking for dis kind of long sleeves maxi dress..
i would love it if it available in electric blue,black,turquoise,red,grey in colour..
any other colours also can..
i'm a person with 162cm high..
fit free size or M & L..
with brand new one..
thanx u!

Hi there, i'm looking for these two item , preferably between 50 -60

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Something like the pic.

Looking for a blazer with 3 quarter sleeves, budget around RM50.
Preferable Blue/Black/Red/White colour. 

Any other colours are welcome too.
E-mail me at if you're selling it or wants to sell one of yours.

Thanks in advance.

I'm looking for the exact same items above.
Nautical crop jacket, MNG stripe off-shouldered top, Zara Skirt & Embellished blue top ;
Items should fit a size S. XS or M would be possible too depending on the measurement.
Do drop me a mail at x

I'm trying to find these skirt in black. please help, budget around rm 50!
Thank you.

I am looking for a wig.
Long/ short, straight or curly.
But have to be in Natural black colour.
Email me your wig photos at

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hey guys I'm looking for this kinda kaftan top. does anyone know where to get it ? Please (:

I was looking for this exact cardigan.preferably new.
Please email me:

Hi there,

I would like to get this type of dress. HALTER NECK ONLY. It doesn't matter even it's not MAXI type.
I am UK8 - UK small10. Brand new please.

Please mail me at if anyone has seen this type of dress.
Thank you so much!

Hello everyone!
I'm looking for this exact HIGH WAIST SKINNY JEANS or kinda similar also can.
- material : JEANS
- type : SKINNY
- Waist line size 11"-12". Size S or M will work but preferably Size S.

Do help ya.
Mail me:

Thanks Sought&Found and Shoppers =D


Looking for kimono dress, preferably short & black
Don't mind new or pre-loved (as long as its condition is good)
E-mail me
Thank you.

I'm looking for this dress. Desperately!
Preferable in this colour? Peach or white would be great.
Styleinflux had it for RM55 so i'm looking for a similar price :) thankyou!
do contact me at

Looking for brogues/loafers/oxfords in size 39. Preloved are welcome!
Email me at with pics please! 
Thank you!

Looking for the studded black belt less than RM20 and 
Leopard print skinny belt less than RM20.
E-mail me @

Hi Sought And Found..

I need your help in finding this sling cum wristlet bag. i fell in love at first sight when i saw it at white label closet. unfortunately it was sold out. please help me.
My contact details as follows. this bag was sold at RM60.

Name: Adeline Chan Chienn Hwei
Contact no: 012-4148416
Budget. rm50-rm65.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Am looking for this tribal cardigan or anything similar (must be tribal printed)
If anyone knows the taobao link or who might be willing to help me find this,  
Do e-mail me at or just leave a comment

Looking for this dress frm room 8008.
Anyone selling e-mail me:

Need this urgently :)
Don't mind if it's preloved.

E-mail to

Open for other designs with the same function


Seeking the following items:

1) Any one (or two) type of the shoes as pictured. Does not have to be exact but at least be similar to the picture.
- Size 36, Vincci 5.
- Prefer earth tone colours (no white or cream colours).
- None pig-skin lined/material.
- Preferably 3.5 inches, not less.
- Between RM60 - RM70 each. Email for negotiations.

2) Crinkle cotton maxi skirt with brown plaited skinny waist belt.
- Would be great if belt is provided by the seller.
- Colour should be similar to the picture or within tones of grey to almost white.
- RM45 and below, including belt or excluding belt.
- If excluding belt, looking to buy one for RM15 - RM18 or less.

Dear sellers, pre-loved (excellent condition) or brand new items are welcome. Leave a comment if you have the items I seek along with your email so I can contact you. Thank you!

Friday, August 12, 2011

Dear Sought and Found,
I'm seeking for " knitted cape tops"
My budget is under Rm 50 .

1) Red bodycon skirt. preferable under RM40.
2) Vintage light blue polka dot top (exactly like the one on above)
I've tried searching it high and low among blogshops and still couldnt find them. Help please!
E-mail me at

hye there, Im looking for this kind of top. *similar to it also can*
but i prefer, chiffon material with lining and white color.
price around RM35 and below. pre-loved are welcome.
as the top was sold out! 
pls email me

I'm looing for this EXACT the SAME pattern, color of the ripped high waisted denim shorts from seventeen origins. Size S.
I dont mind if it's pre-loved as long as it's in good condition! 


I want to find these topshop wide leg trousers both colors black and nude
Budget around rm50
E-mail me
Thanks !

Hello there,
I am looking for a bandage dress, any kind as long as it is nice.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

-used/preloved or any preorder available at good price
-budget below rm50

leave your email for further contacts! tq

-seeking this blue color top by "clothesforfun" (preloved/used)
-also white boyfriend shirt (must be soft cotton material, loose) as pic by "arrogantminnie"
-budget around RM25

leave me your email for further contact!

Looking for this baseball jacket badly,
Size : XS/S
Anyone saw this similar jacket or something like this,
E-mail me at

Dear Sought and Found,
I am looking for READY STOCK items similar to the picture.
Need these items urgently.

1) LEATHER SKIRT (Not mini skirt)
2) SUSPENDER (The Y suspender, Leather&Slim)
3) HIGH WAIST SKINNY JEANS (Ripped jean is preferable, Black-size 27)

If you have any of these, Please leave a comment or email me at if you are able to recommend any stores where I am able to get it asap. Thank you so much!! :)

hi im looking for playsuits of this type, for an XL-sized girl like me.
if you find any or have any ideas on where to get it, please comment on the post or email me at

*pic above credit to Trades+*

hey ! 
I'm looking for this exact same Cotton On dress (must be exactly the same) in size S. 
XS or M is possible too if the size is alright. 
do drop me an email. 

Hi, I'm looking for the exact dress.
Preferably, a light colour or black.
I don't if it's preloved as long it is in good condition.
For the price, below Rm 60 including postage.

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hello everyone.
I've been wanting to buy BOWLER HAT since forever but I don't know where to find one.
Prefer to have BLACK, but any color will do. thanks! :)

Contact me directly by email : or my phone : 0179356411

I want to find this baby doll top....


I'm looking for this lace top. I don't mind if it is pre-loved. 
Anything around the RM30 range would be great! 
White or off-white color only, please :)
If you happen to have the one from Bebe, that'll be great too!


Please email me pictures at
Thank you so much, your help is much appreciated!

*Picture credits to Pumpkin*

Please drop me an e-mail if you've seen it, or are selling it, or want to sell of yours. :)

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Looking for this similar box bag.
I saw it in one blogshop past 2-3 days, but now i cant remember the blog name :(
The box bag similar with the pics but without the ostrich print on it and
It comes in white, black & pink (i guess). the price around, rm40 something.
PLEASE PLEASE e-mail me,

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