Friday, October 29, 2010

*pic credits to Cat in the Bowl (*

Hi Sought and Found and babes!
I'm looking for these floral dresses, in either of these floral patterns, though Floral 2 is more preferred. 
Brand new ones, pre-owned, and even pre-loved (provided still in good condition) are okay :) 
Please email me at or leave a comment! 
Thank you! 

I'm looking for this red vintage top. I need it urgently. If the person that bought this from The Wardrobe would like to sell it to me, please do! Hehe. thank you!
email me at

I am looking for hair wigs, normal or funky ones but not too gaudy. 
Any colors are okay too.
Here are some examples - attached.
You can email me at
Thank you!

Hi there.
Pretty please help me to find 1 black blazer that can fits UK4 best.
Need to find a blazer that can fits my petite size perfectly A.S.A.P.
If you have/found this blazer, kindly contact me at
Thanks! =)

I'm desperately looking for an oversized handbag with attachable long straps.
It will be better if the the bag is not made up of PVC.
Price under rm60 please and it should be in any colors but black.
Thankssss, you guys make my life better.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

*Picture credits to Clothes for Fun*

I'm looking for this panel skirt in black. Brand new only. Preferable less than RM 38 inclding postage! :)

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

hey can u add these 2 items also? =)

    in black (refer to picture)
2) skirts / dresses with folds like that (refer to picture)


Hi there, im looking for the top of this pic.
Please do contact me if any found or selling this. Thanks so much:)

Hi Sought and Found readers,
im looking for this headband in black/gold chained. Don't mind preloved as long as in great condition.
mail me if you found it ( or just leave comment here.
Thanks a bunch.

hey dear, i'm looking for this blazer, but it's sold out everywhere :(
if anyone has it, please EMAIL ME at! :)
preferably RM60 with postage or below. thank you! <3

Monday, October 25, 2010

Hi dear!
I hope you could post this up.. I'm looking for something like this..
Both Gold and Silver, if can solid metal like :)
Price about Rm20..
Hope you can help me!
Mail to this email: 
Thanks a lot dear!

*Picture credits to the.OCTOBER.*

Hey there,
I'm in love with this dress but it's sold out =(
Anyone who's selling (preloved or brand new), please let me know (:
Thanks much!

hi sought and found
i m looking for this dress (picture attached)
new or pre-loved welcome!
thanks =)

Hello, for a few months now, i have been looking high and low online and outside for this dress. I hope seeking help here would solve it! Thank you so much. If anyone has it, please email me at  thank you sooo much!

looking for a plain black maxi like the picture above (:
preferably brand new and nothing more than RM40. 
anyhows, leave a comment please! thanks (:

more pix:  


hey there. :) I'm now looking for these mickey mouse tank top/tee. :)
please email me if you have it! thanks! :D

Saturday, October 23, 2010

hi sought & found :)
i would desperately love, love, love to have this dress, saw it on blissfully beautiful but its sold out unfortunately :(
so if any of you guys have seen it,
feel free to email me at:
thank you & have a great day!

hi there,
i am looking for these clothings, anything similar would do, do post your comment here :)
thanks a lot.
thanks sought and found :)
do email me;

Friday, October 22, 2010

Can you see the studded black bag on the left side? I was looking for that bag for an ages, isn't it beautiful?
If you found one in any color, Please do comment me. Preloved or reselling in a good condition are welcomed! xx

Hi girls, im looking for this bag really badly.
prefer new one and not more than RM 100.
please mail me at
thanksss =)

Thursday, October 21, 2010


hey lovelies. interested with plain white long sleeve shirt in S.
not bf shirt. price range around RM30 and below.
preloved is also welcome.

and im looking for a sailor and military top too!

f.y.i also interested in swapping if u want.
mail me at
thanks! =D

Hey s&f.
Im looking for this blazer in the exact color or teal or anything,
as long as it's long and similar to the shape and cutting.
and I really need it, urgent!
Price range ; RM 30-50
Preloved are welcomed! :D

If you have this, please mail me @ asap. 
Thanks! :)

Hi dear..
I'm urgently looking for this short dress in the photos.
Doesn't matter if it's pre-order or ready stock.
Thanks! :)

*picture credit to Shopaholics Unite!*

hey. I'm looking for this kind of cardigan
It was sold out at SU.
In black or white only
size up to UK 6-8.
price is not more than rm50.
preloved are welcome.

email to
thank you. :)

Looking for princess crown hair pin.
Please kindly e-mail
Thanks you (:

Dear Sought and Found,
I am looking for a red long drape cardi for plus sized.
Budget below RM40 with postage.

Also, looking for a skinny black cincher for plus sized.
Budget below RM30 with postage.

Don't mind pre-loved.
Email me at Thank you.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Hi huns,
I am in need of this dress.
Are any of you reselling (going to sell in your blog)?
Please email to
Thanks a bunch.

hi there..looking 4 this comic jacket so badly..
this from pumpun but already sold out...please inform me..tq

hi, i'm looking for this dress and blazer =D
black colour for dress and white blazer.. XD
i'm willing to purchase them if anyone wants to resell them.. =)
price ranging not more than rm50 for each item please..
do contact thanks!! ;)

I'm looking these bags!!! currently i havent found one.
i want replicas...not more than rm150.
plzzz leave a comment...

Hi, I'm looking for this 2 dresses. Need it ASAP.
Please help ya.
If found please contact
Thanks a lot.

Hey there. :)

Looking for this long tutu skirt in black: 

Need it before the 29th, please email me at thanks! :))

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Hello there, I'm looking for these:

1. Mustard color / Dark Green color cardi (preferably cropped knitted).
2. Colored Skinny Jeans / Pants (preferably cotton).

I'm a size S to M. Jeans prefer size 24-25, but must be lengthy
Price must be reasonable. Email to:

hello :) i am looking for this exact top from trend reports.
i want this top so badly, please help! thank you.
please email if found, thanks again :)

HEY soughtandfound!
i'm looking for this pair of heels!
in grey or black ..
ready stocks and preloved are welcomes.. preferable under RM100
Size 35 (22 cm)
if anyone has it pls comment away! :D

Friday, October 15, 2010

*Picture credits go to Miss Sophisticated*

i would like to find this clincher in black...
please do email me if u have seen or sell this type of clincher...thanks~!

Hey there!
I'm looking for a stripped top. Enclosed is a picture to further illustrate what i'm looking for, however, it is a dress.
Thank you :)

(Dress in the 2nd picture)
   (but i want tube type. these colours will do: army green, black, white, navy blue)
Thanks dear! muakz!

i would like to request that I've been finding this jumpsuit for a long time
if u guys out there got this jumpsuit pls e-mail me ya

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Hi, I'm looking for this exactly same pants in black. Price around RM 20 - 40 including postage.
Ready stock is better. Do leave a comment if anyone have it.
Thanks ! =)

(Plain white underdress)

1) plain white underdress :
best if its ard 76 cm length
lycra material and spag strap 
best to be RM 20
dont mind it pre-loved but must be in good condition
( pict for reference only dont hv to be similar )

2) soft off white shirt
that hangs around the waist
dont mind if it cannot be tired at the end
best to be abt RM 30 
dont mind it pre-loved but must be in good condition
( pict for reference only dont hv to be similar )

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

hey girls, im looking for this top. it's sold out everywhere n i cant find it.
if you found it, please mail me at
really appreciate your help hunnies! thanks.

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