Wednesday, October 20, 2010

hi there..looking 4 this comic jacket so badly..
this from pumpun but already sold out...please inform me..tq


Anonymous said...

Hi dear.. u can get it here @ RM38 only.

shara said...

hye dear..
u can get rm32 free postage my dear...

Anonymous said...

Hello there.
Have u found this cardigan?
I have one but in grey colour.
If u're interested kindly email me:

Thanks =)

Anonymous said...

check out Wardrobe Rehab

Sought and Found said...

How about this?

clothesfor25 said...

Hi dear,

We have the exact same one but in black. Do check it out here if you're interested :)

It's priced at RM 27.

Clothes For 25

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