Sunday, February 27, 2011

I am looking for this belt and a ballet flat with the same ribbon applique: 
pls leave comments here :)
Thanks :)

Hi girlss, I'm looking for these dresses!

1) Peacock Printed Maxi Dress
2) Grey Tie Dye Maxi Dresss

Both preferably below RM35 with postage.
New or pre-loved are welcome but must be in good condition.
Do email me at
Thank you!

I'm looking for this heels. Preferably RM 40. Do let me know if you find it or selling it!
Email me @
Thank you very much!!

Any jumpsuits similar above ;)
Halter & toga are much more preferred.
Please contact 014-35333269
*sorry, I don't go online frequently*

Hey! I'm seeking for this bag :) Really want to buy it very much!
Don't mind preloved as well~
Do let me know at if you stumbled upon it!

*Photo credits: Pumpkin*
Hello! I'm looking for this studs maxi dress. Any colors will do but prefer both colors above - Mustard / Ruby Red. Let me know if u found any. 
Thanks :)

email add:

Friday, February 25, 2011


I am searching for a Black Long Sleeved Blazer (under RM70) & a Leopard Printed Cardigan.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Hi dearies,
I'm looking for preloved black pumps vincci size 6/37 in good condition.
Roughly 8-9cm (3-3.5inch) in height. Please email me at 

I'm currently looking for a skinny high waisted jeans that fits uk8 / uk 10
Below RM 40 would be awesome :)

Looking for this dress in grey
Please email me at

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hi there, im looking for this 2 top.
Anyone selling it or saw it. Do email me at this email
Thanks so much..

Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am looking for this lovely belt... 
If anyone selling it pls mail me ya,
thxxx a lot!

*Pics credit to KissandTell*

Hi there, I'm looking for a heels like this in size 36 (vincci 5)...
anyone knows where to get it please mail me at 
Thanks a lot!

*Pic credits to Cocktails & Martinis*

Hi, I'm looking for this top in Nude color. 
Kindly drop me an email at or comment below if you're selling it or know where I can get one, thanks!

I'm searching for these 2 items below.
1. The exact dress 

2. WHITE bodycon skirt (doesnt matter if it's lace or some hidden print as long as it's white).

Do leave your email if u have any of them, thanks.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Hie guys! 
I'm looking for this dress or any other dress similar to this design :) 
I would appreciate it if you guys could inform me if you see it anywhere yea. Thanks a bunch! :)

Hi dears!
Seen any blogshops selling these beautiful cover-ups?
Similiar to this from White Circus. :)
I would like them in any color. Pre-loved welcomed. Please email me at (NO SPAMS PLEASE.)

Monday, February 14, 2011

*Picture credits to*

Hi there,
I'm looking for the item above: Topshop-One shoulder dress! Thanks!
Do email me at:

Hey ya im finding this earing credit to A chic store.
Anyone selling or saw this item kindly email me at 
Thanks so much.

*Pic credits to mydressroom*

Looking for this white cheongsam.

Hi there,
I'm looking for this type of half cardigan. In black only. Long sleeve or 3/4 is alright. Brand new only. Preferable less than RM 30.
Also this dress in beige! :) Preferably around RM 40. 
Do mail me at Thank you! :) 

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I'm looking for this party dress too bad :'(
prefered it in light brown or beige.

*Photo credits: Miccaz*

Hello..I'm looking for this draped jacket. Any colors will do. Size UK4 - UK8. Thanks :)
Email add:

Dear ladies, 

I'm looking for a nice denim pencil skirt, preferrably knee length, and if it comes with a slight slit at the back it'd be great! 
Budget under Rm100, new would be nice, but I don't mind a preloved also as long as it's in tip top condition. 

Please mail me at if any of you have a nice piece to offer! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Hello :)

I am looking for these 2 heels, preferably nude beige / pink colour (as similar to pictures attached)
Pls email me if anyone knows where to get them.
Really appreciate it, thanks! :)

im looking for this two dresses.
brand new or pre-loved.
looking for price range RM 50

do email me at :

Looking for this cardigan, in grey or purple blue
Preferably RM 30-35 with postage


Monday, February 7, 2011

*pic credit to Echenta apparel -* looking for this kind of tapered pants. colour brown/mustard/camel.
can email me at
tq so much!

Hi everyone!
I'm desperate for the top she is wearing, Love the puffy sleeves and all!
Please email me if you have anything identical ( any color! )
Preferably new. Thank you!

hi, i'm looking for these 2 cardigans which is the duotone in black cardi and the polka dot in grey or red (whichever is fine) cardi.. =D 
i hope that you can help me out!! ;) 
preloved or brand new is fine with price ranging preferably rm45 and below.. =) thanks so much!!
if you have or found any, please contact
lastly, HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR to you.. ^_^
thanks again! ;)

*Pics taken from I Love Bazaar photos*

Hi there,
Im looking for these two items from blogshops that participated in I Love Bazaar flea market last year.
1. Selling oversize bag
2. Selling colorful canvas flat

Please email me at 
Thank you!

I'm looking for low back scoop dress/blouse, preferable body huging.
or ribbon back bow. As long as its sexy back and it look something like this.
I don't mind preloved as long it is good in condition and reasonable.
Please do inform me!

hi , i'm looking for this BLUE polka dot dress ... 
pls mail me at ..thx


I'm looking for this light brown/beige shorts from Ugly Duckling Closet. Dont mind 2nd hand as long as it's never been worn before.


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