*I've taken out the advertisement spaces because they've been pretty vacant for some time, but they are still available if anyone is interested. Continue reading below if you are! ;)*

Sought and Found receives a steady flow of visitors each day. Whether they are either searching for a particular item or selling items being sought, visiting for fun or just happen to stumble across this blog, it still presents an opportunity for your blogshop to be seen! :)

Come and advertise with Sought and Found at these affordable rates listed below :D

Placed at header              
RM7 per week            
RM20 per month

Placed at the sidebar
RM7 per week
RM20 per month

For ads placed at the sidebar, a separate blog roll  for your blog link will be added on top or underneath your banner. Included with thumbnail so buyers can see your updates.

Any enquiries? Send an e-mail to Sought and Found! :)

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