Friday, April 30, 2010

Hello! I'm looking for this beige Chanel flap bag. exactly like the one in the picture :)
if any of you are selling/reselling this bag, please mail me at or
thank you darlings! :)
pic credits to Winkstick Online Store,

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hi there,

I'm looking for this dress from a singapore blogshop.. Don't mind pre-loved.. Kindly let me know if you have it k ?? 

Please mail me at

Thanks so much for your help  :)

I'm looking for this particular leopard print cardigan from Cotton On
Does anyone knw which Cotton On stores sell these?
Or any other store/blog which sells leopard printed cardigans?
Preferably the long ones
Price range fr blogshops are RM40-50

Do mail me at or just leave a comment

Thanks love!

am desperately looking for this studded bag in this exact colour. I had my eyes on it the first time it was launched in Winkstick, but apparently i after i placed an order, i confirmed a day too late and it got sold out :'(
where can i find this? :(
i don't mind if you're selling your preloved one, as long as it's in this colour, god condition, it'll do! :)
thank yo so much sought and found =)

Hey im looking for a denim shorts that fits Uk6-8
pls pls pls (: preferably under RM50
and i dont mind if its a preloved

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I'm looking for this cotton blazer in Black or Grey!
Preferably price range : RM30-RM35.
Please mail me @ !

Thanks a bunch, Miss Sought And Found :)

Hi everyone!

I am looking for this EXACT dinner bag in the EXACT color!
Or if you happen to have something similar in dusky pink, I won't mind either :)

I don't mind preloved (in excellent condition!) or brand new, as long as it is below RM30 including postage :)

Really love it, so if you happen to know where I can find one, do drop me a comment! Thank you very much!

I desperately need a black body con skirt. 

Colour: black
Designs : plain

delivery method: preferred pos laju.

pre-loved ( in good condition ) or brand new will do.
kindly email me:

pic credited to
condition: pre-loved or brand new
mail me at
price: below rm40

Saturday, April 24, 2010

*Pic credit of*

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for oxford flats like in the pic above but in red, black or grey. if possible, i want it flat and not have heels. Prices less than RM 100. Thanks. :)
Condition : New
Email :

hi! :)
im having my grand dinner next month.and the theme is black and gold.
im looking for a black long dress. and perhaps,black dress with long sleeves. 
would love to hear from any of you soon. thanks.

please email me at

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