Thursday, December 30, 2010

Hi babes!
Am looking for these two items... similar also can but I prefer the same ones ;)
1. Toga dress bodycon-like
2. Chiffon cardigan
Please get back to me as soon as via email:
Thank you so much babes!

*Picture credits to: those neon lights*

Looking for a simple, plain maxi dress in black or dark grey
with or without sleeves. new or preloved, I don't mind!

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

*Photo credits: DirtyPrettyThings*
Hello all. I'm looking for this jacket / blazer. Size XS / S. Help me and let me know if you found any. My email:
Thanks :)

Hey, I'm looking for this dress,exactly like this or similar to it.anyone who selling it please contact me at tq =)

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

*Photo credits: Attire's Attic*

Hi dear,
I'm looking for this exact dress, either in black or yellow. Do let me know if you've seen it on any blogshops or even boutiques in klang valley. Thank you in advance =)

*Picture credits to Miss OCD*

*Picture credits to Kiss and Tell*

*Picture credits to Lolita Candy*

Am looking for these pair of shoes in size 7 or 8.
Preferably ready-stock and if it's a pre-order, less than 2 weeks waiting time. 
Pre-loved or pre-owned are also welcomed and will be considered depending on number of times worn and condition of the shoes. 
If possible, price range less than RM50. Above than that, I will also consider.
Thanks y'all! :)

Monday, December 27, 2010

Hi people, im looking for this Bandage Leggings. I couldn't find it.
I found few blogshop selling this, but all of them have been sold out.
Price is not more than rm25.
Do let me know if you found any.
Thank you so much. :) 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

*Photo credits: Minkbunny*

Hello everyone! I'm looking for this exact paperbag tapered pants or kinda similar also can. Waist size 24-25inches. Do help ya. Mail me:


*Photo credits: Tophauz*

Hi beautiful people. I'm looking for this exact jumpsuit. Size UK4 / UK6. Lemme know if u found any. Thanks :)

Email add:

*Photo credits: The Poplook*

Hi beautiful people. I'm looking for this floral jumpsuit or kinda similar also can. Size UK4 / UK6. Lemme know if u found any. Thanks :)

Email add:

*Photo credits: Pumpkin*

Hello..I'm looking for tapered pants..exactly like in the pic or more or less like this. Waist 24-25inch. Lemme know if u found any. Thank you.

Email add:

Saturday, December 25, 2010

*Photo credits: Google*
Hey all! I'm looking for striped maxi skirt, more or less, like in this picture above. Size XS / S. Lemme know if u found any. Thanks :)

my email add:

*Photo credits: myvintagegarden.*

Hi,im desperately looking for dis shimmer kimono dress.
Both new n preloved r welcum.
Price:rm40 to rm50
condition:preloved or new
Do email me at

I'm looking for bloggers who offers makeup sprees for the US brands Urban Decay and Benefit.
please email me at
thank you!

I'm looking for this red cardigan. at or
RM45 or below.
Anyone who know where can it be found please email me

Hi there,
I'm looking for 2 items :

1st is long dress exactly like tis wif price range rm30-rm35 .
2nd is the HPO wallet (handphone organizer wallet) ..
Thanks !

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

*Photo credits: Dorfbury*

Hello all! I'm looking for this stripes maxi dress. Lemme know if you found any cuz I want it so bad. Thank you people! :) 
My email add:

I'm looking for this bikini, exactly like this.
Do email me at

I'm looking for a loose and long sleeved top.
Something similar to the picture .
Anyone who know where can it be found please email me .

Hi all baby, 
I am looking for this top... if same Rudolph Deer but not same colour, tat will be ok for me too.
And i dont mind preloved as long as its the exact same top!
Thanks! ^^

My email add :

Monday, December 20, 2010


Am looking for this dress. It's sold out at Yellow Cab Trappings already. Anyone has any idea where I can get it? Thanks!

*Photo credits: Pumpkin.*

Hello all..I'm looking for this exact Lace dreamy maxi dress. Lemme know if you found any! Don't mind if it's a preloved as long as in excellent condition. Thanks :)
My email:

i'm looking for this pair of shoes. (picture attached)
in size 39 (8).
the exact colour. don't mind if pre-owned / ready stock / pre-order (max two weeks) as long as in good condition.
price range around RM130 including poslaju. would be better if the price is lower :P
please leave a comment if you manage to find any.
thank you so much :)

Hello babes !
im looking for a baseball jacket (:
anythng that looks similar.
please email me

I'm looking for this wedges in size 36 (5). 
I don't mind if its preloved but it must be in good condition and with reasonable price, thank you :)
Mail me at:

i've been looking for this urgently! currently sold out at Intrifcate Frocks and i couldnt find it elsewhere.
brand new or preloved in good condition are both alright.
kindly email me at thanks.

I'm looking for a simple maxi dress in either black or grey.
Both new n preloved are welcome, n i hope dont go rise more than 50
do mail me

Saturday, December 18, 2010

I'm looking for a mustard cardigan like the pic above. And also a similar hearts skirt.

Please email me at

Hey girls!

I'm looking for blazer similar to this one but nothing more than RM40.
Preferably in dark blue colour. Black will do too. Size UK6-10.
Dont mind if its pre-loved but must be in good condition.

Mail me @

Thanks heaps!


I'm looking for this bag in the exact or similar shade. Don't mind brand new or pre-loved but has to be in good condition with reasonable price.

Mail me at

Hey hun!
Could u help meeee?
I'm lookin for this dress n top in ready stock so it can reach me latest by Monday/Tuesday nx week if I proceed with prompt payment! 
I am so desperate for a good blazer with stunning material that does not have this bulky nor ugly thickness, something I have seen on White Circus, but not on sale.
I would love to have this exact piece or similar as in the pictures OR a white executive blazer.

Reach me at:

Thanks hun! 

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hie :)
I am currently looking for a pair of 3.5" nude pumps.
Size: 38 or 39
PS: Preferably item can be tried on in a store. No harm in letting me know which blogshop sells it too. If you do know of a store/blogshop that sells the item, pls contact me. Thank you.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I'm looking for a weaved belt in brown like the picture or something similar.
Please email me at
Thank you! :)

Hello friends, I'm desperately seeking these exact jackets in size S,
new or pre-loved.
1. Black Studded Colar Jacket
2. Black Classic Punk Leather Jacket
3. Black Lapel Drape Leather Jacket
If you are selling one or have any clue where I can find one at affordable/reasonable prices,
please email me at
Thank you very much for your time :)

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

am looking for this cardigan in navy blue or black, but any colour works fr me, since no one else has the grey love cardi from Beautiful Disaster.sob sob :(
i dont mind preloved as long as its the exact same cardigan!
teehee thanks! :D

*Credits to: bab3lov3,lexilyla*

Hi, i'm looking for a brand new long sleeves off shoulder top in xs-s size with same/similar design as above photos.
Preferably extra long sleeves. :D
please email me at
thank you :)

Hey, I'm looking for this toga dress, exactly or similar to it. 
E-mail me at!

hey girls, i need help, and fast! 
i need to find an elegant white BLOUSE that HAS SLEEVES. 
preferably butterfly sleeves, as long as it doesn't make the arms look fat, it'll do. 
it has to look relatively formal, not casual (like bf tees) 
and preferably below RM30 with postage. 
i don't mind preloved as long as it's in good condition :D 
do email me at 
if you have one, or you have seen any like it! ;)

thank youuuuu <3

Saturday, December 11, 2010

hi, I'm looking for this exact black structured sweater from Miccaz. :)
Brand new or pre-loved, it doesnt matter.
If you happen to see this exact sweater from other blogshops or you have the exact one, please e-mail me.
thanks! <3

Hey Sought & Found :)
I'm looking for the same/similar sweat pants,
E-mail :
Thank you :)

i am looking for this REPLICA bag for very long time already but couldnt get one! :S 
nearly get one from but after that the seller didnt reply me email and stuff! was waiting for a few weeks already and i hope to get this before next year :S budget around RM100

email me at thanks

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