Tuesday, September 27, 2011


Hi I'm looking for:
Corset like this - UK6
Preloved is okay to me =)

I'm looking for used skinny cut, high waisted, tapered pants. 
Budget preferably around rm35. 
E-mail me the picture & measurements to

Hi there..
I'm looking for this exact shoes a.s.a.p...
Picture 1. black suede materials..
Picture 2. red color
Both size 6...
If someone have or know where can i get this shoes let me know a.s.a.p..
No preoder...i want ready stock..peloved can as long as its superb condition!..
Do e-mail me at

Looking for cardigans in light pink/nude colour and yellow.
Like in the picture above, but I prefer ones with fully-long sleeve.
Do post a comment below if you know where I can find it. 
Thank you!

Sunday, September 25, 2011


I'm urgently looking this maxi skirt in this EXACT colour
Below RM50 if possible.
Preloved is fine as long as its in good condition, i would appreciate if you could help me.
E-mail me at

Hey Sought and Found! 
I'm looking for a maxi dress, something like this one in poisonous!
I don't mind slight variations of style, as long as it;s not low cut or loose fitting. (: 
Should fit UK4-6.

Hi! Am looking for boots, any ankle length boots. In black, size 37.
Please leave a comment if you've seen anything similar. 
Thank you!!

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hello Sought and Found! 
I'm looking for a poncho like this.
Don't mind if its pre ordered of preloved or ready stock.
Would prefer it if its below RM45?
Desperately want one!
Thank you :)

Hi Sought & Found, 
I'm hoping you can help to post out to help find this exact bag and color that i need.
Anyone who has, do e-mail me at

Looking for a long sleeved leather jacket like the picture above from RockstarCloset. 
Should be below Rm50.


I'm looking for a plain, simple black maxi dress. Preferably of thin material and spaghetti strap.
Like the picture attached above from ThePopLook!
Thank you :)

Looking for a jumpsuit which is similar to this. Price less than RM35. 
E-mail me :

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking for second hand 
iPod shuffle / iPod nano/ iPod touch
All colors all welcomed :)
Do leave a comment if you're selling yours! 
Thanks :)

Looking for this item.
Exactly the same with picture.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Hi i'm looking for this black top, brand new or preloved.
Pls e-mail me at

I'm looking for these two tops; preferably in pastel colour. 
E-mail me at


*Pictures credited to : Whitecircus and Blissfully-beautiful*

Preferably neutral earthly nudish colours but all are welcomed; 
It's more of the style I'm looking for.
Do let me know by leaving a comment.
Many many thanks!

Hello, I am looking for the same blazer in MUSTARD size S.
Please do email me
Thank you!

I'm looking for tis maxi skirt... 
Do email me at

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hey babes! I'm looking for this light grey jeggings or something similiar 
and also the kaftan cardigan in leopard print, black or white.  
Brand new or preloved ( in excellent condition). 
Do email me at
Thanks :)

Hello Miss Sought and Found!
I'm currently looking for:

Asymmetrical skirts!
Around 50+ or below would be good :) 
Black preferably, but other colours will be alright.


Feather earrings please! :) 
One sided, long ones :)

Thanks btw :)

Thursday, September 8, 2011

I've been looking for these Doc Martens everywhere! 
Whether inspired or the real deal, it  doesn't really matter. 
Would really appreciate the help! 
Thank you. 


Hi.. I'm looking for dis brown leopard print top
I dont mind new or pre-loved as long as still in good condition
Price prefer rm30 or below
E-mail me at:

Hi, i'm looking this skirt in this EXACT colour, below RM50 if possible.
Preloved is fine as long as its in good condition, i would appreciate if you could help me out here. 
Thanks miss sought & found! =D
E-mail me at

Dear Sought n Found,
I am desperately looking for this 2 dresses, size S, below RM 45. 

Leave me a message here. 
Thank you.

Sunday, September 4, 2011


I'm looking for this maxi skirt which look exactly like in the picture. 
Pre-loved are welcome. 
Anything e-mail me

I've been looking for tube top maxi dress for quite awhile now. 
Plain colored like the picture on the far left, black or dark colored or like the second picture. 
Price range below RM60. 
I dont mind if its preloved. 
Do send me an email: if u have.
Thanks a billion!!

Hi, I am looking for this dress. 
Please mail me at  if anyone has seen this type of dress.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Looking at the exact same items - in preloved condition due to budget constraint

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