Sunday, September 18, 2011

Looking for second hand 
iPod shuffle / iPod nano/ iPod touch
All colors all welcomed :)
Do leave a comment if you're selling yours! 
Thanks :)


Jie said...

Hello , i have one . But its not preloved tho.

Its the first gen , i dont think they are selling it now.
Heres the picture

Anonymous said...

Hi there! can you give me your email address? o can't see the link ):

Jie said...

Here's my email address :)

Anonymous said...

Hello i have one Ipod Touch 4th Generation 32GB. Selling it only for RM850 :)

Anonymous said...

Hi!! Do you mind giving me your email? I'll email you so you can give me better details :D

LiRou said...

oh email me @! thanks :D

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