Friday, July 30, 2010

*picture credits to*

Hello there, am looking for this exact black maxi dress.. =) preferably w/out sleeves yah!
Thanks dear!!!!

im looking for this Black Top, any1 selling, wont mind Preloved.
Contact me Via:

I'm looking for this Puffy Jacket that would fit a UK14.
I don't mind pre-loved. Budget below RM45 with postage.
Please email me at

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Hi , i finding the inner floral dress of this picture.
Pls kindly email me at : if anyone of u or blogshop selling this. Thx :)

*Picture credits to Dress2Dazzle*

Hi I'm looking got this exact High Waist Denim in Light Denim. The one at dress2dazzle is sold out.

Please kindly drop me an email at: if u or any blogshop u know are selling them! 

Thanks a lot!

*Picture credited to Labelleaf*

I'm looking for this dress in grey. Please leave a comment :). 


I'm looking for the Military High Waist Shorts in sized UK4-6 from Emcee Couture. Not sure they will remake it or not. Thus, I don't mind if it's pre-loved as long as it's in good condition. Please mail me at Thanks!

Links of Item:

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

*pic attached credited to daily boutique*

I'm searching HIGH & LOW for the exact same piece but it's either sold out or imitation.
Do keep me inform if anyone of u found this. Thanks a million!

Hi, I'm looking for this top. Anyone could tell me where to get it?
Drop comments here or mail me at
THANKS, really appreciate the help C=

Clockwise from left:
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Second photo credits to:
Third photo credits to:

Hii people, m looking for the exact dress in beige and the similar skorts either in beige, pink or light blue.
Please kindly drop me an email at: if u or any blogshop u know are selling them! 
Thanks a lot!

hi there, would really appreciate your help.
i am looking for this dress..sold out on igloo..
preloved is acceptable..
do email me at

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

*picture credits to a season in summer*

Hi there! I'm looking for exactly this brown belt. Mail me at

Hi babe,
Can u please help me post up this search

Sequined Toga Dress in Black
Preferably below RM40.

Can email me at

I really want this sunny(something like this) badly! It is something like 'nerdy&geeky spec'.
If you have it or sell it, kindly comment me :-)
I found this at Deeper and Harder, One Utama for RM19.90. But I'm plain lazy to go there -.-"
So, I hope I'll get'em below RM30. 
Thank you!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

*pic credits to hide&chic*

Hello! I'm looking for this Tie Die dress.
if anybody knows where I can get the dress, do mail me at
thanks! :D

I'm looking for these two items!
Don't mind preloved as long its in good condition.
Please mail me @ if you have any :)

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Hello beautiful people! I'm looking for this exact wedges in brown/tan color.
There are many blogshops selling this wedges but other colors :(
I want in brown / tan color.
Mail me at:
Would really appreciate your help. Thanks :)

*photo credits:*

Hello beautiful people! I'm looking for this exact Rose Collar Top.
Mail me at:
Would really appreciate your help. Thanks :)

hi there, would really appreciate your help.
i am looking for this dress.. been looking for it quite some time nw..
preloved is acceptable..
do email me at

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

*Pic credits to Girl About Town*

Hye there Sought and Found!
I'm looking for these printed tops. 

Hi Sought & Found,
Please help me to source for this BAG.
REPLICA / PRE-LOVE is welcome.
Please email to  
Thank You.

Hi Sought & Found,
I am currently looking for this 2 TOPS.
Would appreciate if you or anyone of you to source these items from other BLOGS.
Please notify / email to 
Thank You.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Hey all,
I've been looking for ready-stock wayfarers or aviators.
Please comment if you can help me. THANKS :)

Monday, July 19, 2010

I'm looking for a red knitted cardi, please leave a comment if you can help me!
Thanks!! :)

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Heyy sought and found!
Im looking for this Mulberry Alexa inspired bag in tan brown.
I've been looking for it everywhere and just couldnt find it :(
Preferably ready stock and under RM80 or at RM80.
email at Thanks!

hi there, would really appreciate your help. i am looking for this vintage sewing machine necklace, don't think i have found any selling in msia yet...

Looking for Nu-Bra in size B, not the silicone type. Price less than RM25.
Thank you for your help :)

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hey all,
I've been looking for this top high and low for a long time now.. Seems like it's sold out everywhere I've looked. Know where I can get it? Preferably ready stock. I might consider pre-loved. Thanks!

I'm looking for used silk blouse. Size is around s size. Doesn't matter wat colour. If u have a blouse that u don't want to wear already, pls e-mail me with pictures of your blouse. I will consider to buy. 

E-mail me :

hi there, i m looking for black cardigan of this design in comfortable cotton material only. length is exactly like in the picture, in black or dark grey. they r sold out very fast in many blogshops. thanks =)

Hey people. Am looking for this sailor stripy top :)

Hi Miss Sought and Found! :D

There's a pair of shoes I've been searching for since I first discovered online shopping -
but I never found any in my size! :( So here's another shot at finding my dream shoes :)
Thanks for posting this up!

Shoe size: 39 (25cm)
Picture credits:

I'm looking for this shorts, preferably beige or black. Similar designs may be considered. Please email me at Thank you ;)

Has anyone seen anyone selling this maxi dress? If yes, please contact me at Thanks! :)

Friday, July 16, 2010

Hello there,
Looking for both the top and the skirt.
Please email me at
Thanks :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Hi there,

I need help from sought and found. I am looking for this belt in black. Doesn't really matter if its brand new or preloved as long as the belt is in good condition.

So, please do email me at


Looking for a pair of gorgeous lace heels. Preferably ready stock and below/at RM 50.
Please email me at
Thanks :)

i'm looking for this type of puff sleeve jacket or cardigan..
i got this pic from  minibus n wakeupandgetdressed blogspot..
but already sold out..
n if it is still available i don't think that it can fit me..
i'm wearing L or XL size..

anyone saw this similar jacket or something like this,
email me at
i don't mind whether preloved or new but in good condition..
n most important not too formal n suitable for casual look n PUFF SLEEVE.. :D

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

hi, im looking for this top, pre-loved, pre-order all welcome, must be below RM40 with postage, hopefully. thanks. :)

Hi, Im looking for bikini, preferable with simple design, stripes or plain but not polkadot :) and preferable for it to come with swimming pants.

I found out in Emmy Cubic, 
I would like to find something like the blue sailor bikini (
but sadly the one from emmy cubic is sold out.

If there's any out there kindly please contact me at
thank you! :)

Hello! i'm looking for this gray top.
it comes in purple and gray. I loveee both colours :D
whoever selling it, or whoever knows which blogshops or which shops selling the top,
please don't hesitate to mail me at or
thank you! :D

hey love
im looking for high waisted jeans with buttons like these and Topshop inspired blazers in dark colours 
im a UK6.price is preferably under RM60
do mail me at or leave comment if you're selling any of these!
hoping to get some emails soon 

Sunday, July 11, 2010


Hi! :)
has anyone seen this dress anywhere before? preferably in black.
i saw it at
however, it is is pre-order, but i prefer it to be ready stock.

please mail me if you've seen it!
my email is

thank you :)

i'm looking for this exact dress in white and material in lycra.

whoever wants to sell off their secondhand is welcomed or even better brand new ;)
price if possible cheap  ;)

do comment or email me at
if you wish to sell it to me.
p/s interested only in this exact dress in white.


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