Monday, November 29, 2010

Dear sought and found,
I m desperately lookin for this dress....i m really in love with this dress........i m willng to pay rm 50....for this....thankz....xoxo

*pic credits*

I am looking for long black tulle skirt..its sold out kindly email me at

hi , I am looking for this metal belt ( gold colour ) , pls mail me at . THX

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Hello beautiful people! I'm searching for this heart cardigan and want it so bad! I want it in grey or black. Especially GREY! Lemme know if you found any. Thanks =)

Email add:

Friday, November 26, 2010


I am looking for this tube top in RED! tried Attire Attic and Sugar Dressing but both have sold out in red one.
kindly email me at something similar is okay too!


Dear Sought and Found,
I am looking for these two items for the plus sized me:
1. Romper
Preferably in tube top. I'm alright with florals or solid colour like black. Pre-loves are okay. Budget RM40 and below.

2. Stockings
I'm 165cm tall and I can't find stockings that fit my height. I'm looking for both thick and sheer ones in black.
Nude colours are welcomed too. Budget RM20 and below per pair.

Thank you.

Am desperately looking for anyone who is selling this exact heart shaped cardi in grey,i need it sooo so so so so badly!
If you have it or if you are reselling it please please oh pleaaaseee mail me,i could DIE if i dont get my hands on these.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Hi girls

I need to find one black plain velour pants or sweatpants asap!
Need it plain, no brand name or logo or wording written on it.
So whoever have what I want, pls pm me.
Brand new or used, doesn't matter.
Just as long as it's still wearable, (and affordable), and can fit a person of waist size 28cm (size M) plsss let me know

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hi there!

Can u kindly help me look for these items:
    (black or white or navy blue)

Thank you very much!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

 *Picture credits to Dainty Dress (left) and Clothes For Fun (right)*

 *Picture credits to Wonderwall Boutique (left) and Beetch (right)*
Hey babe, 
I'm looking for this black cropped blazer. (fitting: UK6) 
Been looking for it multiple times, but its either sold out or non-restockable anymore. :(
Budget is RM50 and below. Thanks a bunch! :)

Do email me at

*Picture credits to Cocktails & Martinis*

help me find this u-would-rather die-if-u-dont-have-this green blouse.

Friday, November 19, 2010

*picture credits to Yellow Pamelo*

Hey babe, please help me out with this.
I'm looking for a leather sling bag. 
Colour : brown or grey.
Budget is RM50, inclusive of shipping.
The design doesn't have to be EXACTLY the same.
Just as long as it's something like the one in the picture.
Email me at


Looking for this exact same dress in black.
If anyone know where to get this or if you happen to be selling it,
do contact me at
Thanks. =) 

Hi there,
Could you help me to find this lacey-yet-sporty cardigan with price below RM30 including postage.
Thank you very much!

I'm looking for this top and cardi :D any colour is fine, do email me!

i'm looking for a simple yet trendy long sleeve maxi dress just like in the picture or a long sleeve bohemian dress and a chunky bib necklace.
pls email me at

thank u so much for ur help. really appreciate it. =)

Hi there!
I'm looking for a top similar to this one. Any colour would do, but I prefer white.
Preferably under RM45 (including postage).
I am in desperate need for this top. So if you ever come across it, let me know..
Thanks! :D

Price range; Rm25-Rm35*
need it A.S.A.P. thanks.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

hello :)
i'm looking for this top, not this colour but similar pattern. thanks.
pls email to help me :D 


hey dearie!
m looking for this gorgeous dress but its sold out everywhere =(

Please please help me
my email is 
Thank u! ^-^

Monday, November 15, 2010

Looking for these pair of jeans worn by the owner of Pumpkin!
Ripped,tattered skinny with a similar wash
If you know where i cn get them or i you happen to have them do contact me at

Thanks a bunch!

Am desperately searching for a similar toga dress as in pictures attached for my prom!
It could be any colour except white
Budget is below rm60 with postage
If anyone know where to find this or if you happen to be selling it,do contact me at

Thanks for your help! :)

*Pic credited to tender blush and glam market*
hi i m looking for this pair of shoes, black colour, in size 38....under RM100 would be preferred...

hi i am looking for something that has scallop shaped, preferable if top or dress....
only size M - XL...thanks =)

hey dear, need ur help to post up this requests for maxi dresses. urgent need it by wednesday next week :(


dont mind preloved or used already, as long in good condition. :)
thanks dear for posting it up :)

been searching high and low for these two tops.

chiffon top prefably in black but beige is fine too around rm40
new or preloved.

stud top
price range around rm 50
new or preloved

please please please help me :)
mail me at


Hi peeps ! Im looking for this bf shirt.
I want in white colour.
Dont mind if it is a preloved.
Please email me
Thank you ^^

Please hep me find these pieces:
I can be contacted at

Thursday, November 11, 2010

hi dear,
I am lookinng for this blouse, below RM30..Thanks=)
Please mail me at

Hi girls!
I am looking high and low for these beauties:
White Blazer: Preferably like the one in first photo, though I am open to any kinds especially the longer kinds.
Lace Panel Skirt: Something similar is fine as well.

Please please email me at should you have them (don't mind preloved or new).
Thanks hun buns!

Looking for these shorts! Preferably in light blue/beige. I'm cool with similar designs! :)
My size: M/L.
Do leave a comment please! :)

Hi dearies,
I'm desperately looking for this top. 
i dont mind paying more. Thanks!
 please contact :


hi there! :)
i'm looking for this cardigan here :
 in white / navy blue. pre-order ones will be good too but preferably ready stock. budget is around RM45 with postage.
please leave a comment if you seem to came across one! thank you so much :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

HEY! I'm looking for a similar dress in the picture shown.
As long as it's rm50 and below! Thanks!
Ohh, if anyone has a black zipper dress for me, i'd be eternally grateful. been looking for that for ages! thanks!

E-mail me at

Hi there,
I'm desperately looking for this jumpsuit (similar), couldn't find it anywhere else but at xue1001, unfortunately, I did not receive any reply from them.
If you have it and would like to sell it, or you know of any other place selling this, please email me at:
Thank you very much!


Looking for this maxi dress. Either black or beige.
Thank you! :)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hi there,
im looking for the maroon skirt as shown in the picture,
credit to sweet grocery.
was about to purchase but it was too late =(
anyone letting it go please contact me at:

I fell in love with this top..
Im really want it..
picture creadit to 'Queen La Moss'
Kindly email me if have it :
Thanks darls XD

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