Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Hi there,
I'm looking for this exact skirt for work. Preferably in GREY / BLACK. 
Kindly email me at

I'm looking for
1) The white zip pocket top (pic 1, pic 2)
2) The loose top (pic 3)
Exactly like the pic. Thanks.
Can contact me :

Monday, April 25, 2011

*Picture credits to room8008*
Love Print Tutu skirt!
Please help me!
Don't mind pre-loved/brand new as long as it's in good condition
Do leave your comment if you're selling this particular tutu or you have any other tutu skirt to offer! thanks! :)

Looking for a set of sport attire like this.
Price range : below rm50

Desperately looking for the EXACT SAME boyfriend top.
Need it ASAP. Any sellers out there who is selling it pls kindly mail me:

I'm looking for this skirt in this colour!!
Please comment below if you have it or know where i can get it!!
Thank you :)

Hey girls,
I'm looking for this babydoll top or any cute babydoll top in any blogshop but i would really prefer this red one.
Brand new or pre-loved but must in a good condition.
Thank you.

Hi babes!
Am looking for these two items... really want them:
1. Lace inset top 
2. Lace cut out back shirt 
I am alright with any colour! Just really want them ;)
Please get back to me as soon as via email:
Thank you so much babes!

Hi again!
I'm looking for this top in cream (pic attached). Urgently need it by Tuesday. Please email me at 
Thanks :)

has anyone ever come across this type of dress? with a heart-shape cut-out in the front.
let me know if you've seen any (online or offline)
drop a comment here or email me at
thanks! :)

Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm looking for the unsymmetrical dress like in the picture
Size UK 10-12

I'm looking for a red/orange high waist shorts as shown in picture which credits to GAT. 
Was about to buy but too late =( 
Anyone who has it n gonna resell it pls email me at :

Any red highwaist shorts r welcomed as long as good condition!

I'm looking for this chiffon top.
New or preloved as long is in good condition =)

Hello all, i am searching this dress (ready stock only).
And it is urgent, need it by this saturday. :(
Uk8-10 please.
Thank you.

I'm looking for a bandage dress and also a jumpsuit! Don't mind pre-love! Drop a comment if you knw any blogshops selling this 2 pieces. Thanks!

Hi babes!
Am looking for this white top... really want it: 
Please get back to me as soon as via email:
Thank you so much babes!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011



I'm looking for a couple of cloaks that look exactly/similar to the cloak in the pictures.
Preferably in fuchsia and black.
Please email me at

Pictures credit to Pumpkin (
Here's the link to the original post:

Tq! :)

Will buy this
Floral Gypsy Cascade Tunic Topdress for RM65 including postage. Please tell me if you come across it anywhere! I reserved one but it got sold out just before I could transfer the money in :( Help!


Or leave a comment. Thank you! =)

Anyone has any of these? In any shades of Dark Red or White
And has to be able to fit UK16.

*photo credits to glossyaddiction*

am looking for this bag in this shade but shop has sold it out.
preloved is welcome, anything below RM50 pls :)


Im looking for this exact pair of jelly flats, transparent with crystals embellishments, size 36! 
I'm looking for ready stock, price below RM60. 
Anyone selling have have dis pair pls email me at =)

Hi dearies, 
I'm looking for the exact same black dress shown in pic :)
anyone know where can i get it?
i dont mind pre-loved as long it is still in good condition. Thanks.

Hi there!
I'm looking for a number of items and in a short span of time. I would really appreciate if you could post these up on your website :)

Found! -Top

Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm looking for 50s polka skirt same as the pictures above. 
Please email

Hey girls,
I'm looking for red polka dot dress. If anyone of you sell it or know where to buy it, please do let me know.
Brand new or preloved but preferably red dress with white dots. I wan't it so badly. Thank you.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Hi, I'm looking for this top.
Do email me at


Hi Dearies, 
I'm looking for: 
Do let me know if you know where to get them. :) 
Thank you so much! Have a nice day!

*Picture credit to Strut This Way*

I'm looking for this particular dress, and it must be in white! Only brand new please. Price range around RM 50.00. Please email me at
Thank you

Hi peeps!
Desperately looking for this :
  1. im uk4 
  2. price range : RM30 - RM40
  3. prelove/brand new
  4. need respond before Friday (15/4/11)
Thank you!

 *pictures credit to cocktails & martinis & attire's attic*

Looking for low-waisted safety pants / inner shorts (that sits below the navel) in any color (preferrably black or nude). 
Brand new, less than RM15 inclusive postage. 
Please mail 
Thanks in advance! :)


Hello there,
i am searching for this type of short jeans. :)
Most preferably, white, black and dark denim color.
i am uk10 for zara.
waist measurement around 33" middle low waist, hips 37".
please do help me, urgent.
thank you. :)



Hi, i am looking for this inspired topshop jacket.( pic credit: Topshop)
Pls help me find...preferably size M - Bust 36" Waist : 31"
Color Black
Preferably price range : RM70 or below
Please email me at 
Thanx alot!!=D


Hello, i am looking for SQUEEM.
it is selling at RM159 by supermodel's secret.
maybe RM100 including pos express.
anyone resell it in a cheaper price?
i want a size of M.
color: black is preferable, but i can take nude as well.

Looking for military inspired jacket. 
Something like this or any other kinds of military jacket. 
Any colour will do. 
Email me at
Thank You.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Hi, im looking at this kind of cardigan.
this length or a little longer will be lovely. ;)
bright color please, and no pink. :)
not necessary with stripes.
please comment if any of you selling.
swap is preferable.
thank you so much. :D

Hi, i am looking for this jacket URGENTLY!!Pls help me find.
Email to
Thanx alot!!=D xoxo

Hello, i am looking for this type of tops (BF chiffon/ cotton tops)
Please leave a comment if you have it and plan to sell it off.
Any color will do.
Preferably for the size uk8 - 10.
Thank you.

Hello girls. Im looking for this bag, i don't mind pre-order :)
Thanks! :)

Hi I am looking for suspender tights and ankle socks that are similar
to the pics...
Pls email me at

Looking for Funky Vest that looks exactly like in my photo.
Offer me!

Hi I'm looking for this Mulberry Alexa inspired bag so badly.  
Preferably in soft pink, camel brown, red or nude color, 
RM55 and below :)  
Don't mind brand new or pre-loved but has to be in good condition.  
This is my email  
Your help is very much appreciated xxx

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