Wednesday, September 14, 2011


*Pictures credited to : Whitecircus and Blissfully-beautiful*

Preferably neutral earthly nudish colours but all are welcomed; 
It's more of the style I'm looking for.
Do let me know by leaving a comment.
Many many thanks!


ღMichelleღ said...

similar designs that meet your requirement :)

Anonymous said...

mayb u can have a look at here:

Zoop Online said...

Hey Dear,

We have something very similar design from our latest collection that you looking for. Feel free to drop by our store for dresses called The New Nude Frock. It comes with nude color and Navy Blue :)

Zoop Online

Qboy said...

i have smthng quite similar , but not 100% similar. do email me if you wanna see the pictures (:

Fashion Affair Boutique (FAB) said...

Hi there, we have something similar, in Topshop inspired

Check this link out

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