Friday, August 19, 2011


Seeking the following items:

1) Any one (or two) type of the shoes as pictured. Does not have to be exact but at least be similar to the picture.
- Size 36, Vincci 5.
- Prefer earth tone colours (no white or cream colours).
- None pig-skin lined/material.
- Preferably 3.5 inches, not less.
- Between RM60 - RM70 each. Email for negotiations.

2) Crinkle cotton maxi skirt with brown plaited skinny waist belt.
- Would be great if belt is provided by the seller.
- Colour should be similar to the picture or within tones of grey to almost white.
- RM45 and below, including belt or excluding belt.
- If excluding belt, looking to buy one for RM15 - RM18 or less.

Dear sellers, pre-loved (excellent condition) or brand new items are welcome. Leave a comment if you have the items I seek along with your email so I can contact you. Thank you!


mrs.yamapi said...

we have black ankle booties if you're interested:)

still new, it won't fit me, i'm vincci6 :(
fits vincci5 well

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