Friday, August 12, 2011

Hello there,
I am looking for a bandage dress, any kind as long as it is nice.


Anonymous said...

i have one if u're interested.

do have a look :)

treasureable said...

I have one here letting go at only RM30. Lightly worn twice, bought at RM50 :)

Anonymous said...

I am selling this Dual Tone Bandage Toga Dress in Pink:

Email me at if you're interested ;)

ASE said...

Hi dear,

We have one lace bandage dress dress :) DO check us out k?? Thanks :)

Anonymous said...

Hi babe,

I have an authentic herve leger gold bandage dress from marry merry. Do email me at if you are interested :) its gorgeous & the quality is top notch.

Miss Desiree said...

We have black! :) Take a look!

Miss Desiree said...

bandage panel dress :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Babe, Im selling a herve leger toga dress in Green, Ive never worn them, If you interested please mail me :)

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