Monday, December 26, 2011

I'm looking for:

1. Bodycon dress
Size: uk10 (Big M)
Price: Below RM50
Color: Black, Electric blue, or any other colors

2. Flare dress
Size: Uk10 (Big M)
Price: Below RM55
Color: Any color

3. Red cardigan
Size: up to UK10
Price: Below RM50
Color: red & any other bright colors

Please e-mail to:

Thanks! :)


redbutterfly said...

hi there,

I do sell cardigans =)
have a look at this link:

cardigan in Red, Bright Blue, and bright Pink...

Anonymous said...

hi. i saw one here, priced at RM35 each.

Anonymous said...

perhaps this cardigan? though is not a single color la.

Anonymous said...

bodycon dress;

flare dress;

visit us babe!

Anonymous said...

flare dress in red

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