Wednesday, December 7, 2011

1) Tribal printed top. Off shoulder, cut out, anything. Any colour.
2) Fringe top.
3) Feather earrings, medium sized, less than RM15 including postage.
4) Tribal inspired fitted skirt, fits large M- small L, not too short not too 

Contact :


Anonymous said...

hi, saw one. it's really pretty ! gonna buy one too hehe :p

Camilla Faris said...

any colourful ones? :D

Anonymous said...

wait, youre looking for this? or you have this item?? im confuse ;P cause i want the same things too

Camilla Faris said...

im looking for the item. thats the whole motive this blog is created.. to find stuff?

PrettyLittleThings said...

hey, we got fringed cardigan. check it out

Hippie Galaxy said...

check out our fringe tops here !

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