Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Hi there,
I'm looking for a prom dress which fits XS-S.. Prefer tube or toga dresses but you're welcomed to give me suggestions.. The dresses that I'm looking for are in this range.. Love the accesories as well if you have them :) Thanks a lot for your help :)


DeMasquerade said...

hey dear,

We have a lot of different type of PROM dresses. Do come over and check it out at:

glossyad said...

You won't believe this but i just re-stock on one dress which looked almost like a cross between the top of the side dress with the bottom of the middle piece lol. Drop me a mail @ if interested to look see. Thanks!

Tiffanywardrobe said...

I hd one tube dress which wear only once and t sz very fit to XS-S.Do come n visit...

Anonymous said...

hi dear,

The 2 pcs dresses from button n zip dress (black n purple color)are bought from me. I never worn before, this 2 dresses are superb quality!!If you have interested just drop me a msg
Thanx a lot!!

wei wei

Lydia said...

this looks similar tho
but in red?

Syafiqah said...

Hi There, just email u. Pls check ya..TQ

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