Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hey babes. My college is havin this prom night at the begining of April.
Was hoping if you gals out there could help me look out for a plain but outstanding dress or whichever you think it would be nice as a prom dress.
Preferable satin material. Long tube maxi dress.
Colors would be anything except for dull colors.
I wouldn't even mind if it's preloved.
Im a size UK6-8. 153cm.
Would appreciate your help alot.

Do email me at

Thanks. XOXO =)


Anonymous said...

hey babe,

i have prome dress from button n zip (black n purple)
I just bought on last week,so is brand new.
If have interest just drop me a msg on
Thanks ar!!

wei wei

jiggling said...

hey dear, i've mailed u already. listed a few of dresses for u to see.

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