Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm looking for a off white knitted cardi of medium length like the picture attached. 
Below rm40 if possible. 
E-mail :
Thanks! :)

I'm looking for Colored High Waist Pants. 
Any color will do, pls let me know first.
New or preloved, exact or similar (as long as high waist), 
I wont be mind if its affordable. 

If you have any ideas where to get it, or maybe you sell it,
Please leave your e-mail or blogs address at the comment box below.

1) Crop Top like picture above....prefer floral printed...
2) MNG T shirt...with the MNG words in front...any colours ll do...:)
3) Any Nude colour dress....below RM 35....
4) Any Topshop dress or top ....Below RM 40.....

Brand new / preloved....


Thanks a lot!

Preferably RED OR NAVY
Budget : Not more than RM100
Pre-loved? No problemooo.

Do contact me. Thanks.
(kindly SMS me)

I'm looking for this fit loose shirt from Supre in red wine.
I don't really mind what brand or colour it is as long as it looks similar to the picture.
Preferably under RM100 :-)

Thanks! xx

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Any 1 have any idea where to get this exact dress in ready stock??
Mostly found is pre order. 
Thx a lot.

Urgent! Plz email me if you saw anywhere selling this! Thanks a lot!

Saturday, January 21, 2012

*Picture credits to: 

Looking for :  Topshop Bodycon Cutout Yoke Dress
Preferably BLACK
Budget : Not more than RM100 
Pre-loved? No problemooo.

Do contact me. Thanks.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

*Picture credits:*

I'm looking for long cotton maxi dress.
Preferably those with 120cm long 
in red, mustard, olive green or any other color except black & gray.
Don't mind if preloved or new.
Do e-mail me if you want to let go the dress :)
My e-mail is

Can anyone please help to tell me which Vans outlet can I find these shoes? Online stores maybe? 
And if you guys know the price, can I also have the price too? 
If possible I need this information before 22nd January!

E-mail me at :-) 
Thanks! xx

I'm looking for Low-Back shirt. 
But this is a dress,but its only for an example. 
Do you know where I can find it? 
I accept brand new and preloved as long as its in a good condition. 
I prefer black color,and its under rm40. Free size. 
E-mail me at xx

I'm looking for a Proenza Schouler inspired bag.
Medium in Saddle (size & colour).
Pre-loved/new, i don't mind.
Please e-mail me : 
:) :)

I'm looking for this crochet shorts in black (same/similar).
Price rm45 below, dont mind whether its pre-loved or not.
E-mail me :

Hello there :)
I'm looking for these 3 items. Anyone knows? Thank you. =)

1. Striped Maxi Skirt
- preloved or not, i'm okay with it :)
- budget around rm28+

2. Cartoon Cardigan 
- i found the grey one, but if you've the black one, it's okay with me :)
- budget around rm30+

3. White Long Sleeves Blouse/ Shirt
- similar like this also can :)
- budget around rm30+

If you know, please don't hesiatate to comment here asap! 
Thankssss. :)

Hello there!
I'm looking for  branded hooded sweatshirt so badly.

Preloved is better.
Price below than RM80If you found or you selling it, 
Please e-mail me at ASAP. 

Red medium length cardigan, 
Fits up to UK 10

Hey i'm looking for those items in the above pic.
New or preloved, exact or similar, i wont be mind if its affordable.
If you have any ideas where to get above items, or maybe you sell it,
Please leave your email or blogs address at the comment box below.
Thanksss. =)

Monday, January 16, 2012

*Picture credits to (left to right) : 

Hi there, 
I'm looking for these two items: 
1. Black Platform Cork Sandals  
2. Authentic MANGO Large Shopper Tote in Black  
Please leave a comment if you're selling it or saw it in any shops. :) 

Thanks a lot!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Hey girls, I'm looking for these PINK pieces urgently, exactly or similar.
Preloved is also okay to me. 
Do leave a mesg here if u have it or seen it somewhere else, thx! =)

Looking for this dress.
Budget less than RM50.

*Picture credited to Gossips Boutique*

Looking for a nude bodycon dress similar to the one above! 

Size UK6/8
Preferably brand new
Price range below RM55

E-mail me at if any of you have suggestions. :)

I'm looking this top with above this colour in READY STOCK, becos i want it quite rush.
Anyone who found or selling this pls contact me asap at or text me at 0164954913.
Thanks ! =)

Hi, i'm looking for these items:

1) Both exact HW shorts
2) The exact or any similar white casual dress
3) The exact or any similar top

Please drop your links or email in the comments if you have or seen any of them.
Thanks :)

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