Monday, January 16, 2012

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Hi there, 
I'm looking for these two items: 
1. Black Platform Cork Sandals  
2. Authentic MANGO Large Shopper Tote in Black  
Please leave a comment if you're selling it or saw it in any shops. :) 

Thanks a lot!


NUDE NOT said...

we saw really similar cork shoes in vincci~ the price was about rm59?
the upper is black velvet
but we're not sure if theres still stock -
there was black , blue and brown :D
we got the blue one~ its really comfy but the bottom sole can be abit sliperry.

Anonymous said...

hi, we are taking preorder anything... we can find it for u... please email me at
please be the first customer...

sya.shafee said...

exactly the one u wanted, i saw it here..

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