Sunday, July 31, 2011


Hey I'm looking for something that look like this...
I saw it in a blogshop but I couldnt find it anymore....
Price at about rm50 exclusive of postage...
Thanks a lot..... :)

I'm looking for a panelled bodycon dress like the picture, S size. 
Hopfully below RM30 or RM40? 
Looking for dark colours, Dark Blue or Black is great!

*Pic credit to cocktails and martinis*

Hello all,

I fell head over hells with this dress when I saw it but unfortunately it is sold out in the colour which i want. Am looking for the above dress in this exact colour, blue. Wont mind preloved as long as its in good condition.

Thanks :)


Hey there. 
I am looking for a bag similar to Mulberry handbag. Inspired ones are fine with me. 
Do drop a comment and send me an email to those who has any information regarding anyone selling it. Thank you. 

Hi babes
I am looking high and low for these two items:

Tiered Peter Pan Collar Blouse (any colour)
Red Pom Pom Skirt

I do not mind preloved ;)
Please email me at

Thank you so much- your help is very much appreciated.

Looking for envelope clutch in vintage brown. Price less than RM35.
Any skirt which looks similar or the same as the pic above fitting UK6-10. Price RM40 and below. Prefered bank would be CIMB bank ;)

E-mail me at

Monday, July 18, 2011

Looking for something similar to this but the pants need to be longer
Price below RM50
If you do have, please send an e-mail to me
Thank you :D

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hey guys! 
This is a new top from PUMPKIN and it is sold out already.
Would like find something like that, exactly the same. 

Hi girls!
I'm looking for this top everywhere but all sold out :(
Do drop a comment if you found any ya.
I don't mind pre loved as long as its in good condition. Any color will do. Thanks!

Hi girls!
Im looking for this drape blazer and also this bodycon skirt. 
Drop a comment if you found any ya.
Pre loved are welcome :)

Helo there, 
Im looking for this kind Maxi skirt, but in bright colours. 
Anyone have it? I really really want it.
Do email me at .

Thanks a lot!

hello friends :)

i'm looking for vintage belt.
Prefer those looks like pictures attached.
my budget is around rm15-rm20 include with postage.
thank you.

do email me at

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

     *credits to (left to right): honey-pumpkin *

Hye girls ,
I'm looking for these two exactly TOPSHOP INSPIRED TOP !
Don't mind pre-loved/brand new as long as it's in good condition .
Thank you ! :)
Kindly email me at :

Hi, im lookin for the exact piece, in navy blue colour as shown in the pic.
I dun mind preloved as long its in good condition and preferably price between rm30-35.

If found, pls email me at
Thank you.

*All pictures credited to Vivace Cabin!*

I'm looking for Black Tapered Pants in Size M 
(able to levi's 27 for low waist).
Prefer those looks like pictures attached. 

Belts is included is much preferable.
Budget around RM 35- RM45 with postage.

Thanks for helping! =)

Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Hi there!
I'm looking for a black scallop panel skirt , which fits UK6-10. 
Similar to the one from un-masqued
Do notify me if anyone has it ! thanks. 
The best will be sellers with CIMB accounts. If not, its also okay :)
If anyone has it please email to


Hello everyone.
I've been wanting to buy heart-shaped sunnies since forever but I don't know where to find one.
Prefer to have red, but any color will do. thanks! :)

I'm looking for a Beetch Skinny Jeans in BLACK S size only! 
I went to the Beetch blog but they're only restocking at the end of july.. was hoping to get it soon! 
Hope you can help! 
Looking to get it below RM40 is fine :)
Thanks a bunch.. 
You can contact me at or 012-6981813

Looking for something like this! Prefer the exact version.
Do e-mail me at if found! Thanks.


Looking for high waisted skirts, preferably plaid/checkered. 
Don't mind pre-loved or brand new.
If u have it, email me

Thank u. :))

Preferably s size, but M will also do
Cropped, not the long or normal length type
Preloved / used or brand new
Budget preferably nothing more than rm30 but if its more, make sure item is exactly as either picture
Must be able to COD around subang area if possible

To anyone who have similar nude/dusty pink or emerald green or any rare coloured blazers or to the ones who bought these blazers from Couple Birds
do mail me if you want to sell them off or if you dont want them anymore pretty please
I really really want it :)

i am looking for this exact bag.. preferably in white,black or brown.. 
anyone know where i can found it please leave a comment. 
thank  you :)

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

I'm looking for the FLAP JACKET in aqua green which sold at
Really love this piece but too bad I was late so I didn't be able to have one.
Anyone have it? Don't mind if preloved(Must be in good condition) or brand new.
Price around Rm40-RM50 included postage.

If found, email to
Thanks in advance!

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