Saturday, July 16, 2011

Hi girls!
Im looking for this drape blazer and also this bodycon skirt. 
Drop a comment if you found any ya.
Pre loved are welcome :)


imagine_c87 said...

found de drape blazer at

Anonymous said...

Thanks. But all sold out already :(

Anonymous said...

hey, you can try check at this blog

Sya said...

found something like the drape blazer u wanted but not exactly the same i suppose

u can try pasarnight blog ..there's a few of those maxi skirts u wanted

hope it helped!good luck

Sya said...

i just bought the exact same one from a website. do u still need it? i think mine (this color) was the last one avai...but other colors are still avai

Anonymous said...

hi there sya :)
do you mean the drape blazer or the skirt? can u leave your email so i can contact you? thanks :)

Sya said...

no no i mean the skirt. lol. just bought it yesterday tht same color. rm45 with normal post :P i think the seller sells some other color too one last piece (maybe). neways i can email u the link if ur interested.

Hunnay Malloon said...

Hi dear, kindly visit us ya :)

ღMichelleღ said...

hi dear,

drape blazer:

dress same colour as your skirt :)

Anonymous said...

i've been searching high and low for the same skirt..but havent found it

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