Monday, January 31, 2011

hi , dearies =)
I would like to find these 2 dresses from Mizu Closet as well =) ...
I hope that u guys out there can help me
pls do e-mail me if u're selling this item ...

Sunday, January 30, 2011


hey dearies, 

I'm looking for this necklace. 
if you know which blogshop or accessories shops are selling, do let me know. 
I dont mind pre-loved as well. 
Thank you so much. :)


Grey/Acid washed/Black jeggings. 
Preferably under rm30 if possible. 
Brand new/preloved. 

im interested to get this dress before cny..
email :


I am so in love with this vintage dress when I first saw it in Ugly Duckling Closet.
But sadly, it's sold out and not restockable at all :(
Anybody happen to have the same piece or saw it somewhere else, please inform me!
I really really want this!!

My mail:

Thank you :)

Friday, January 28, 2011


Am looking out for these 2 dresses. Please help!

Colour in BLACK / GREY (Prefer Grey)

Colour in BLACK / BLUE (Prefer BLACK)


Looking for 


Please email , thanks! :)

Hoping to purchase it less than RM60.
Either in WHITE or RED only.

Brand new, please.
Need it ASAP.
If any of you have any info, do send me an email (

THANKS everyone! :)


Hullo everyone! I am looking for this fitted tube floral dress. 
Looking for the black color or the beige color one only. Everytime it comes out, always sold out :( :( 
Brand new or preloved welcome but preloved must be in good condition!
Do email me if you have it. Thanks! :)

Hi, I'm looking for this Coach wallet:
Men's Embossed Op Art Leather Passcase ID wallet (style:74180)

Preferably cost below RM400 and can get it as soon as possible.
Please email me at
Thank you very much.

*pictures credited to phatculture*

Hie, i am looking for these two items. They're already sold out :( So if anyone sees these anywhere else, i hope y'all can inform me. Thank you very much! :)

helo girls. i'm looking for this dress in black. do let me know if you found any.
don't mind preloved as long as its in good condition ;) thanx. 

Need a dress that looks exactly like this.
For Off Shoulder Top, looking for something similar to my photos
Prefer bright cheerful colors, like royal blue, cherry pink or tangerine, red etc
DON'T OFFER BLACK color to me ya ;) Definitely NOT wanting black ;)
Looking for something plain yet trendy. Prefer without wordings or ruffles.


Anyone selling maxi dress with the pattern like the pic? Preferably black colour and price below rm60.
Please e-mail to

Looking for these :)
E-mail to

Looking for these items ;)
1. Shimmering Bodycon dress as per my photos below.

2. Denim top - can match with leggings as well with a belt

3. Tutu dress
Looking for a dress not a skirt ya ;)

You can suggest something very similar but not too far apart from what I'm looking for.

E-mail to‏

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Hi there everyone, does anyone have any idea where I can find this pair of ankle boots (Balenciaga/ Sam Edelman Zoe Inspired Boots), readystock/pre-loved?
Preferably in a Size 38/39, good condition.

If anyone happens to come across a pair/ or have a pair that you're no longer interested in, would you please email at
Thank you so much, Sought and Found + everyone!! :)

*pic credit to Attire Attic*

I'm looking for READY STOCK Freebra or Nubra in size A or B very very urgently! Would require it latest by end of this week. Please leave a comment if you are able to recommend any stores where I am able to get it asap. Thank you so much!! :)

looking for this cheongsam in this champagne color. need it before CNY! 

email me at :) thankyou!

*Pic courtesy of Supre*

Heya girls,
Looking for a black crop top, not necessarily from Supre, any brand (or brandless) is good as long as it's in tip-top shape, plain black and cropped. Can be brand new or preloved. Any sightings, let me know at Thanks! 

hey, im looking for a galaxy tee like in the picture provided. do let me know if you found any. 
thanks in advance! :)

Hi, I'm looking for this blazer so badly. In charcoal grey color. Price has to be RM65 and below, Thanks :)
This is my email

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hey peeps,
I'm looking for this exact same corset top. If you are selling or seen it anywhere, please email me

Thanks in advance :)

Hi I'm looking for this bag so badly. But below RM150. In black color. Thanks :)
This is my email

*photo credits: MangOrangie*

Hello! Looking for this exact scallop long skirt. Size UK4 - UK6. Any colors will do but prefer this color (light pink), champagne, nude, or beige color. Let me know if u found any. Thanks =)

Email add:

*photo credits: Hello Fashionistas / UberLove*

Hello all..Looking for this exact ruffles shoulder top in mustard color. Lemme know if u found any.
Mail me:


I am looking for this bag. Preferably brand new with price ranging between RM50-ish. Please email me at

Pictures courtesy of

Thank you

*photo credits: Honey Pumpkin*

Hello..I'm looking for this exact top in white or pink color. But prefer in white actually. Lemme know if you found any. Mail me:


E-mail :
Item : Brand New Low Skinny Jeans similiar to Beetch
Size : M (26)
I need it before 29 January 2011.

Urgently needed~~~

*pictures credit to Bella's Boutique*

Looking for similiar white cutesy dress with similiar babydoll design.
Leave comment or email me at

Hi, i'm looking for these two shorts.. the 1st is a blue high waisted shorts sold out at Oh Cotton Candy.. =S 
Anyone reselling it or selling it in M size would be really appreciated.. =D
The 2nd one is the denim ripped shorts which is also sold out at Queen La Moss in size 29.. =(

Those who would like to sell these items, pls mail me at
pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee help me.. thanks so much!! =) hope you can help me..

*Picture credits to oliviaspreloved and pinkchillichic.*
Looking for this stripes maxi and these shorts. Preloved or new! 
Email me at if found any 

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Looking for this piece!
Please and thank you! :)

looking for this shorts. fits uk6-uk10.

*pics credited to adda boutique*
Hi anyone knows where to find these?
pls email me:


I am looking for this long maxi dress in black / navy blue (with tie-string at the back)
pls leave comments here :)
Thanks :)

Monday, January 17, 2011

*pic creds :,*

Hye miss soughtandfound,
I'm looking for the Lord of the Rings movie jewelery especially the Nenya Ring worn by Galadriel, Elven leaf brooch, Arwen's Evenstar pendant and The One Ring.the designs are according to the pics provided. 
Please email me at if you know any shops selling these items.

Hello :) I'm searching for this authentic / original Casio Databank Calculator Watch DBC 610 (silver color).
Let me know if u found any. Thanks :)

My email add:

Need these items urgently.
If you have any of these, please email me at

Please kindly e-mail :
Thanks you (:

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