Friday, January 28, 2011

Hoping to purchase it less than RM60.
Either in WHITE or RED only.

Brand new, please.
Need it ASAP.
If any of you have any info, do send me an email (

THANKS everyone! :)


Anonymous said...

I'm looking for one too in red, hope u dont mind if i tumpang =P
Any has this dress in red please leave ur email, thanks.
Btw,i think kiss and tell is still selling the one in white. hope it helps =]

Anonymous said...

hye there..
im selling this one dress similar like that dress,but its not to similar..but i guess mine is more beautiful..
i dont know..but i suggest u to mail me at to take a look for d dress..the price is only rm56..
err..i dont know..but i guess mine is nice and worth it..huhu..
spend ur time to mail me and
take a look k..

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