Friday, June 17, 2011

*Picture credits to Cocktails & Martinis*

Urgently looking for a long dress to wear for a dinner event next week. 
Will look at any kind of long dress in any color. 
Pre-loved dresses are welcomed.
Do drop some comments or 
e-mail :)


wear tnt said...

i ve a few dinner dresses in brand new condition =) do email if ur interested!

SWOTR said...
are you interested in this ?

Anonymous said...

Interested? Do email me,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sought and Found said...

Thanks ladies!
Have not made my mind up yet. Do keep the comments coming :)

sister_drella said...

Not sure what size you are looking for, but I have a new Topshop glitter maxi. Price slightly negotiable :)

MizzLush said...

hi dear, what size are you looking for? :)

SimplySweety Fashion said...

hi dear,

do visit us at:

thanks :)

Sought and Found said...

sister_drella: Hi there! Thanks for the suggestion but I'm a size UK4.. I think I would be swimming in the dress :D

MizzLush: Size UK4. Totally forgot to add that in the post haha

SimplySweety Fashion: Visited! :)

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