Friday, June 3, 2011

Hey there! I'm looking for a boyfriend shirt in this shade of red. Preferably less than RM30 but can be up to RM35. 
Also looking for oversized basic tees in any colour. Less than RM25. 


chynn said...

hello there,
check out here for basic tee.

Anonymous said...

i saw one here =)

New York Babe said...

Hi, I got one basic tee in white but it's MNG, just worn once. Of yOu don't mind :/

Carmen C. said...

chynn, thanks for the info but the sizes are abit too big.
anonymous, i saw the shirt from that blog but it's already sold =( but thanks anyway
new york babe, i'm looking for coloured ones. thanks =)

Anonymous said...

Hello. I have one soft mint green loose top from forever21. if interested do contact:

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