Tuesday, April 5, 2011

 *Picture credit to Kitty Owl Vintage*

Dear S&F, 
I am looking for a similar dress for my annual D&D.
Preloved is okay, as long as good condition.
Kindly contact 



Anonymous said...

i have blouse similar like shoulder both way also can...


Stylo Mylo said...

Thank you, but am looking for a dress :)

liz said...

Hi there,

i got something simmilar like this colorful but not exactly the yellow color..and it's a dress =)

see it here

Stylo Mylo said...

Dear Liz,
Which one ya?
I couldn't locate similar item in your blog :p

liz said...

dear stylo mylo,

if you could scrool down to my update entitled CNY early Angpow, you should be seeing it as the first item.

Instead of the yellow color, its purple and the line is horizontal as opposed to the pic you attached in your search wish

Anonymous said...

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