Tuesday, March 1, 2011

I'm looking for this bag real bad. Preferably below RM50.


Ashley Kho said...

hi, we have the exact same one...

Here is our main page:!/BLA.Fashion

Here is are photos of the bag you are looking for:!/album.php?id=100001228387151&aid=39583

Silhouette Closet said...

Hi ashley, i cannot see the link u gave me, so ive added u as friend, please approve and keep in touch. tq.

heartbug said...

Handbags are regarded seeing as the particular cherry on top to total every little thing that goes along with a woman's clothes.
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Anonymous said...

Er i bumped across a blog, u got the pics from there?

Silhouette Closet said...

anon, im not sure where (forgot the name), but definitely not from that one. Cause the blog that i first found this bag only cost RM44 without postage, and they are sold out and not restockable as the owner told me. And i didnt know that they call it as a gucci replica bag, as i am certain that it is not. Perhaps the printed patterns look the same, but all other blogs selling it at very expensive price as they referred the bag as so-called Gucci replica bag :((

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