Thursday, September 30, 2010

can u help me to look for these items please? new or pre-loved welcome.

item 1:
(blue & pink)

item 2:
(blue & pink)

thanks in advance

Hello dear,
M looking for this neon green jacket.
Something similar or thicker material preferred.
Prefer below RM30 and dont mind pre-loved.
Thanks! :D



I'm looking for these two items.
Jumpsuit in UK14 priced RM40 and below with postage.
Black Oxfords in Vincci 8/9 for RM60 and below with postage.
I'm alright with pre-loves. Email me at

Jumpsuit picture credit to
Thank you Sought and Found!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hey s&f..
i'm looking for both these dress - a similar dress to the topshop one and i can't seem to find the other dress anywhere online.
thanks for the help!

Monday, September 27, 2010

hey guys!
looking for this exact same shirt in navy blue
if you happen to have it do mail me at
i dont mind if its preloved hehe :)

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Am now looking for this EXACT bracelet:
Picture credited to Soak Republic.

AND this top in Navy:
Picture credited to Trendy Reports

Do email me! :) Thanks a bunch!


hi girls. im looking for this dress. dont mind pre love as long as its in good condition.
mail me at
thanx ;)

Hey there :)
I'm currently looking for a couple of items.
1. Floral sleeveless dress.
* no bows, just a simple one, preferably in white with pink flowers
2. Yellow plain tank (size s)
3. Leopard shorts  (size s)
4. Lace leggings
Do email me at
Thank you!


Hi Sought and Found.
I am currently looking for 2 accessories and I really need your help to post it in your webpage.
Those 2 items would be preferably cost less than RM15 for each of it.
Thanks for your help.

Saturday, September 25, 2010


I'm looking for this dress.
Prefereably new and can fit  UK14
My email is

Friday, September 24, 2010

Im looking for these dresses!
both preferably below RM50.
and preferably both in white/nude/beige
email me!
thanks :)

I'm looking for a blogshop that sells personalised name necklaces.
Do email me at Budget is RM90 and below.
Thank you.


Hi darling,
I am currently looking for a dinner dress, which look something like this:
Saw it in the It-girl Blog...but they were sold out and non-restockable.

Wonder if there's anyone having or have seen something familiar?
If you have suggestions for a formal maxi dinner dress, please do let me know.
Much thanks!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

 * picture credit to Cocktails & Martinis *
Hi, I'm looking for a PLAIN maxi dress that fits up to UK 16. And MUST have the length of 140cm or more.
And I'm looking maxi skirts too. Do leave a comment if anyone have one ^_^.
Thanks !

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Pic credited to WhiteAlley Lj at facebook.
im lookin for dis dress desperately. 
do contact me at

hi , hope u guys will find me some dresses... I've been finding for so long ... pls ... do help me =)

the first one is a pink dress from Taiwan ... but i don know does it exist in M'sia or not =(
the second one is a beach colour dress with laces (three photos)
the third one is a sweet jeans blue bib pants ...
the fourth one is a normal singlet with florals on it
the fifth one is a sweet pink floral dress 

pls e-mail to me :

*Picture credits: Dainty Dresser*

Hi girls, I am looking for this top asap!
Preferably black or navy blue one.
Or is anyone bringing in this top?
Please email me at
Thank you all for your help!!

Monday, September 20, 2010

hye all..i'm looking for all this pants...this is from pumpkin but  it  not restockable.
really love this 3 pants and also the shoes type..please help me to  find those item..

Sunday, September 19, 2010

anyone have this kind of jacket do email me....urgently...includes, pre-love also...
i actually searching this kind of jacket in L-XL size...ANYONE??
price: reasonable
do email me plz at lili_anea@

Wanna look for this clutch! please help~~ pls contact me ~~!

Friday, September 17, 2010

im looking for this pants
email me at
help me to find this kind of pants or any that similar
price below than RM50 :)

helo there,
kindly im searching something hat like this....
price: must be reasonable + postage
if those blogshope have  this kind of hat do sent me messg at
thnk u....

Thursday, September 16, 2010

hey i need another favour with this piece.
i saw that piece in muchacha but it was sold.
i wonder if anyone has anything similar to it, either fuschia pink, electric blue will do.
thank you!
email me at


I'm looking for either the inspired version of Mulberry Alexa or Bayswater bag.
Must be ready stock. Preferably RM60 and below with postage.
Email me at
Thank you.

D pic is credited to daintydresser. im lookin for dis. 
contact me at
pre loved will also do.

Searching for this white shirt. I'm UK4
Price range: Below RM30
Help me!

Hello, I'm searching a long purse to keep my money straight in position.
The picture above is only an example. 
Do comment!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Im looking for a gold star necklace. Im a Glee fan. heehee.  :)
I have attached a picture. Preferably below RM20.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am looking for that piece.
Contact email :
Thank u!

Hey there! I'm actually in search of a canvas handbag,
similar to the attached photo.
the bag in the photo is from nose (

size preferably the same. if there's any blogshop selling canvas handbags,
please do let me know through this email add! thank youu : )

(Plain Maxi Tank)

*Photo credited to Rockstars Closet*

*Photo credited to Diva Divine*
  • Looking for this bag, with the wrinkly details and all, not those pre ordered one. :)
  • And this shorts or any acid wash design in black :) in size L (32.5inch?)
  • And plain maxi tank in gray or black.  :)
Reasonable pricing please, don't mind pre-loved too. :D
Please email me @
Thanks! :)

*pics credit to cocktails and martinis*

Hie S&F..
I'm looking for this exact same maxi seen in cocktails and martini.
Do mail me at if there's something similar.
Thanks in advance!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Looking for
1. both color of this skirt  
2. this dress in pink
=) thanks!!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Hai S&F,
i'm looking for this dress, preferably in  beige/apricot,
if not, black would do,
please please help me find it
thanks !

hey love!
does anyone know where to find these studded wedges or anything similar to this?
im a size 39/8
do email me if there is any out there!


Hi! I'm looking for the EXACT same pair of this heels. I have seen other blogshop selling it in black, but I prefer tan.
Price range: RM60-RM80
Do email me at  if you sell them, or if you have come across any blogshops selling them!
Thanks! :)

*photo credit:*

*photo credit:*

looking for this cute bunny long tank top and this white vintage bag.
email me at
thanks ;)

Im looking for this type of bag any color also can,preloved also accepted but must be in good condition and price range below RM45
If you know which blogshop or website selling can you please email me at:

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