Thursday, September 23, 2010

 * picture credit to Cocktails & Martinis *
Hi, I'm looking for a PLAIN maxi dress that fits up to UK 16. And MUST have the length of 140cm or more.
And I'm looking maxi skirts too. Do leave a comment if anyone have one ^_^.
Thanks !


The Summer's Attic said...

hi babe,

we have long dress which can be worn as maxi skirt:) check us out at

Syafiqah said...

Hi we taking order for plain maxi dress. you may visit our blog
Price @ RM49.00 TQ

laly lulu PLUS said...

Hi dear :) we have plain color maxi dress in-store, now on SALES somemore! ocme have a look before sales is over! :)

Lydia said...

I found a similar maxi to the plain one in black...

fits till a XXL :D

do try it out yeah

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