Friday, August 13, 2010

hey sought and found!
I'm searching for the famous alexa mulbery inspired bag :)
anybody selling it?
I want the one in tan colour
I'll buy preloved/brand new whatever, i really LOVE this bag!
preferably around RM60
pls e-mail me
thanksss :D


Anonymous said...

I'm finding one too! Please email me as well. :)

-the e-beautique- said...

Hye dear! We have the bag in brown, blue and yellow. Please visit us @ =)

Deebs N said...

hey, thanks e boutique but the price is not what i bargained for :(
thanks tho


Anonymous said...

i'm selling the black me if ur interested

Anonymous said...

Found @ Tiffany Wardrobe

Shopping Tattoo said...

I'm selling the one from Glossy Addiction :) exactly like your picture one.

Shopping Tattoo.

Hweiich said...

The cheapest one online.

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