Thursday, April 1, 2010

I'm looking for the following shoes. The pics are originally from Sheekalicious (, but it seems like the seller's now MIA for several months, so I'm hoping someone else somewhere else carry 'em in their stores too =) These are from Shoesvill, by the way.

If there are any blogs selling these, please lemme know! (Preferably in the same price range of Sheekalicious' price...)


Naddie said...

Just an update from the writer here: found the black one at Lush Serendipity =) But if anyone happens to know where they sell the brown one, please lemme know.

As for the other two, any help is highly appreciated =)

Lydia said...

alooo... this one from Fashion Barrage. awesome but not ur price range?

check it out.. sorry i just wanted to show it to you.. it's kinda nice tho :)

Naddie said...

That looks awesome! Love the gorgeous colour. The price is not bad, but my size is out :( Ah well, maybe next design. Thanks all the same :D

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