Tuesday, April 13, 2010


*credit to EuynsV Shopping Kakis*

where can i find this vest? or any other vest looking like this?
email me at, or leave a comment.
*much better if the price is not more than rm40.


Milo said...

#2 Glassons Folded Collar Vest with Long Front

Pricey though.

Anonymous said...

owh i love it!

too bad its exceeds my budget too much :(


Anonymous said...

hi,i came across this one:

In the "tops" category. RM50.

shaera said...

why so expensive? cotton on very cheap one go and check :)

Allison said...

hi i got similar ones for sale.. preloved tho.. but wore only once lightly

Mint said...

Hi there, Im selling the exact same vest that you're looking for, only for RM30 not inclusive of postage, mail me if ur interested :)

Anonymous said...

hi all,

thanks for all the help.

btw i've found the exact same piece for only rm15 (not including postage)

big thanks to sought and found :)

and the commentors too =)

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