Tuesday, March 9, 2010

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Dear Sought and Found,
I really would appreciate if you could kindly post my request up!
I am looking for the above maxi dresses so badly.
Links: OR OR

Ladies, help this girl out will ya? :)
E-mail her at!


Lydia said...

I would love to have the Royal Purple & Red too actually! well, at least the Royal Purple :D

La Belle Vita said...

i have it in purple color..
do see n let me know if u want it..=)!/photo.php?pid=36966&id=100000621425384&fbid=101369626560418

Lydia said...


Thanks alot! Similar colour but i still think that is not the exact one im looking for laa :)
Yours is jersey material if im not mistaken, the one im looking for is more of thick shiny lycra ^^
Plus the stretchable band is kinda shorter than the one you showed me!

But no doubt, this is really nice!/photo.php?pid=36985&id=100000621425384 :P

Thanks for your help!


The Rainbow Connexion said...

Hey, why dont you try la robe? (: just google i think. They're maxis might match what you yant.

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