Friday, March 19, 2010

*picture credis to Bagz Pool*

Hi, I'm searching for a Hermes Birkin replica/inspired bag in plain design like in the picture. (Not croc skin/ostrich pattern etc) Don't mind any colours but it would be great if can get in black/brown colour.
Don't mind if its new or preloved, ready stock or pre order :)
Budget around RM50. Please comment below ya ^^
Thank you!


Le Clothes said...

Have one in black at Le Clothes :)

Author said...

Hi Le Clothes, sorry ya, I'm looking for the one with functional pad lock + key. I think yours is for decoration only :)

THanks anyway!

Anonymous said...

Hi.I saw one at


Author said...

Hi Anon, thank you!

But unfortunately the padlock + key is nonfunctional too, like Le Clothes's :(

Looking for functional one... thanks anyway :)

Anonymous said...

How about this one in ebay?but not sure if the padlock is functional onot..and it's still under bidding.

Anonymous said...

hey, i got the same bag too, it's custom made by bagzpool, so i think can't find it elsewhere.

Author said...

Hi Anon 1 :D

Thank you. But its not in solid colour :(

and hi Anon 1 :)

Yes but I think Bagzpool inactive already? :/ I dunno but thanks anyway :)


I found what I want already at Lowyat Forum ^^ Thanks everyone for helping :*

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