Friday, March 12, 2010


Am looking for lace-up leggings, something like what Beautiful Disaster sold last time. (Photo attached, the one on the left), or like the pictures attached. Preferably priced below RM50?

Also have been dying to get my hands on these killer shoes - MULTI SKY HIGH MOTO -X- from (Pictures attached).

Anyone know where to get them? Please help!!! :(

Thank you!


aa said...

ive got a lace legging

msquirk said...

Saw the Multi Sky High Moto here -

Tres-Tresors said...

msquirk: Thanks! :)

Yes killer shoes in store @ Check us out!

Nicole said...

hi, i bought the leggings from beautiful disaster and want to resell them. are you still interested? email me at

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