Saturday, February 27, 2010

*Pix credit to Trendy Confessions*
Hey there,

I am desperately looking for this particular Bucketful of Studs Bag in Black, previously from Trendy I can't seem to find it anywhere else! Please help!!! Need it BADLY! :) and a.s.a.p!!! Price between RM 65- RM85. If anyone knows where i can get my hands on this bag,

please email me at

Thank you so much.

P/S : Thank u so much Sought and found for creating this site! :)


Anonymous said...


how bout this one ?
not exactly the same tho

Sought and Found said...

Hey, if you change your mind, maybe you could consider these:

Diyana said...

Thanks ladies for ur help, but mostly are sold out.. :..(

Diyana said...

Hi everyone, Thanks a lot for all your helpful details!!! I have found the bag!!!! Thank you so much!

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