Wednesday, February 24, 2010

*picture credited to*

Hi Sought and Found,
I am looking for a bag organizer similar to the attached picture? Preferably not exceeding RM50 inclusive of postage.

Kindly e-mail me at:

Many thanks in advance =)


Sought me! said...

hi! i've got EXACTLY the bag that you're looking for!
My mum has this bag which she has only used it once because she prefers bags with zippers as she works in school. :)
She bought it from Isetan and got this bag : for RM49.90. exactly the same one and brand new but in Green colour. I can show u the original pic if u like. :) Email me if u're interested. oh n mum's selling it for RM40. :D

Sought me! said...

oh n i forgot to mention, the same brand too (GIN & JACQIE) as shown fr the website.

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