Friday, February 26, 2010

hello! i'm looking for a white boyfriend shirt..don't mind if its new or preloved, as long as it is in good 163cm tall and an UK 6-8..would really appreciate if i can get something that will cover the bottom..hihi x)
do mail me at
thank you!


nbla said...

i was looking for a white bf shirt too,,, can u plz tell me if u ever found 1,,

nisa said...

hye..i found dis from its pre-order.

-the e-beautique- said...

Hye darlings!

Check us out! We have BF Shirts! =)

Thanks! =)

TheValVySisters said...

Found this website. Scroll to the last one. :) dunno if u like it or not. hehe.

Sought and Found said...

How about this?

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