Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Urgently Looking for this coral dress.
Budget less than RM50.
Please e-mail me at for offers.

Monday, November 28, 2011

*Picture credits to Doublewoot*

Hi there,
I'm looking for this exact same dress in soft fuschia (first 2 pictures) or electric blue.
Pre-loved/pre-owned/brand new all welcome.

E-mail me at

Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I'm looking for this blue bag.
Preferably around RM40.
Pre-loved is okay as long as it's in good condition.
Thanks :).

*Picture credits to (L-R) : Cocktails & Martinis and Girl About Town*

Hi Sought and Found, 
Could you please find this topshop inspired lily floral wide legged trousers for me?
They're sold out at both Cocktails and Girl About Town :(
Willing to pay RM60 for it.

Do e-mail me at if you see it at any blogshop or own it, or leave a comment here.
Pre-loved is okay as well.
Thank you so much!

Looking for this dress very badly, or any other Victoria Beckham's inspired peplum dress is welcome.
Due to budget constraints, preferably RM60 and below.
Don't mind pre-loved or pre-order.

E-mail me at

I'm looking for this knitted top with a huge heart on it. 
The price is not more than Rm 50 including postage to Sarawak.
If you found it or selling it, please mail me at

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Does anyone know where to get this tribal print maxi 
or happens to be selling them in black colour?
Won't mind pre-order but would really want it ready stock. :)

Hi, i'm looking for high waisted skinny jeans 
in any color but dark ones are better. 
Size uk 8 - 10 :)
E-mail me :

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

*Pic credits to namewhatyouwant*

Looking for this YSL inspired ring in turquoise.
Brand new only please. :) 
Good quality, price not higher than rm 20 including postage.
Do e-mail me at:

Monday, November 14, 2011

*photo credited to beetch*

I'm looking for this particular chiffon blazer in black.

Pre-loved is possible too! 
Thanks! :)

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I'm looking for this exact Swingy Midi skirt from Pumpkin.
I'm hoping for these both colors, mustard or gummy green. 
Or any bright colors will do. 
Thank you.


I'm looking for long sleeves printed top like the picture above.
Any prints will do (except human prints).
Leave a comment if u saw/sell any!

*Photos credit to PhatCulture*

Looking for these dresses, or anything similar!
Mail me:

Thankieu! :)

Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'm looking for this Marc Jacob's inspired dress. 
It's either knee length or maxi dress.
Price range is below RM50.

E-mail :
Please and thank you!


Hello there! 
I'm looking for Sleeveless maxi dress in BLACK colour. 
Preferably ready stock rather than pre-orders! 
Hopefully you guys can help me out.
Leave me a comment or email me at

*Picture credits to (left) and (right)*

Hey Darl,
I'm sougthing for this 2 red dresses or something similar.
Due to budget constraints, price range could be less then Rm50 for a
new or preloved dress.

Please e-mail me at
Thanks a lot!

Looking for jumpsuits similar to this. in navy or brick red.
Brand new or preloved.
Price range around below rm 80.

Thanks :)
0124716676 if wanna direct sell.


Looking for lace corset top as shown.
Exact or similar item welcomed.
Pls mail me at

*Picture credit to Pumpkin*

Hi everyone, 
I'm looking for this Studded Structured Bag. :)
Do email me at if you have anything similiar! 
Don't mind other colors/preloved as well.
Cheers & TQ!

Friday, November 4, 2011

*Picture credits to De'flea Market Boutique*

Hi Sought and Found, 
I'm looking for this top.. Any color will do.
Thx. :)

I am looking for the exact same dress in RED as soon as possible.
Hopefully you girls can help me out. I don't mind if it is a pre-loved.
They can e-mail me here anytime.
Many thanks in advance!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Looking for a top just like this, preferably this colour, but don't mind pinkish nude either.
Price range below RM50.
Brand new preferred.


I hope you guys can help me find this! It's sold out on le mode maison blogshop. :(

Hi Miss Sought and Found,
I'm looking for the exact dress from room8008.
Preloved is ok to me. 
Thx babe! =)

*Picture credits to the pasar night*

I'm looking for a leopard print cardigan.
The leopard printing must be small.
Light brown in colour and price less than RM40.
Brand new or preloved but preloved must be in good condition (no defect).
Leave a comment and i will let you know if im interested. :)

I'm looking for this exact jacket from Pumpkin in 3 colors above: Electric blue / Golden Mustard / Orange
Pls let me know if you found any. 
Don't mind if it's preloved as long as it is in excellent condition.
Thanks a lot! :)

E-mail add:

Hello Miss Sought and Found!
I'm currently looking for:

- DENIM VEST with cut out on the side like this.
- any VIVIENNE WESTWOOD tops/dress/jacket/etc

Anyone have it and wanna let it go? Just name your price. 

Please e-mail me at
Thank you!

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