Sunday, October 30, 2011

*Picture credits to seventeenorigins*

I'm looking for a black chiffon maxi skirt.
With the design exactly like the picture.
I dont mind if it is preloved,as long as it is in a good condition.
Leave a comment or email me at
Thanks! :)

*Credits to The Attire's Attic*

Prefer preloved due to budget.
Thank you :)

Hello ! I'm looking for this kind of cardigan but in mustard or anything close to mustard (: please help !

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Hi girls. I really want this jumpsuit. 
Leave a comment if u found any.
I don't mind pre-loved. 

Looking for this tops, preferably soft cotton and 3/4 or long sleeves.

1. Floral top
2. Peterpan-collared top
3. Polka-dotted top
4. Scallop top

E-mail me at

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

In desperate NEED of the above cosmic kimono jacket
Have been sitting in front of my laptop for the top but sadly at the end of the day was sold off :'(
Can anyone please please pleaaaase help me search of the same identical kimono jacket pretty please?
Thanks a whole bunch in advance

*Pic credits to 6th Sense*

Looking for tulip hem skirt as above urgently!
Wanted to buy from 6th Sense but S size is no longer available.
If anyone is willing to let go please offer me!
Price range < RM50
Any color will do! Just offer me! :)

I'm looking for this exact Alexander Wang's inspired Coco Duffel from smooches berry.
Black & less RM100. Pre order or ready stock. 
E-mail me:
Thanks! :)

Monday, October 24, 2011

I'm looking for this exact denim shorts high and low! 
Do mail me if you know where to get it or you do have it! 
Prefer brand new and looking for Size M!
Thank you! :)

*Pic credit to Little White Crane*

I'm looking for this blouse, in dark blue. Preferably around rm30-40.
Please leave a comment or e-mail me at

I'm looking for Corset with Zipper infront it. 
Size XS-S. Prefer colour black, white or denim.


Hi dear,
I'm currently finding mustache ring! Price prefer below 30 :)
E-mail me if anyone know where can i get it. Thanks folks!


Looking for black/red bodycon dress. 
Fast deal, price below RM40. [Urgent]
Preloved are welcomed. 
E-mail me at

Hi, been looking for the tribal blazer for ages ! 
Let me know if you're selling it, thanks :)

Hi lovely shoppers, PROMS ARE APPROACHING!

Do you all know any blogshops selling good evening/prom dresses?

Like, the really formal sort. Long / silk / chiffon etc.
Budget is below RM600. :)
Do and comment and share your links! Thank you

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Shoes like the pair in the first picture on the left. I'm a UK3/35/36 :) 
Offer me your colors! :)
Brand new/preloved but preloved must be in tip top condition.
Price range less than RM50 colors comments below! Thanks!

I'm looking for MNG wallet ( as the picture above shown) or a similar one.
* Pre-loved or brand new
* Price below RM 40
Thanks yo!! :)

I'm looking for dis dress..turqoise color
Price prefer below rm70
I dont mind pre-loved as long as still in very good condition
If u got dis similar dress just email to me at

Monday, October 17, 2011

Hi i'm looking for this 3 items,

1) Midi striped dress, exact colour
2) Mustard and white striped crop top exact colour
3) peekaboo tulip top in mint

Preferably all below RM50
Thank you =)
Please e-mail to

*Pic credits to defleamarketboutique*

I'm looking for a blouse something like this or similar. i dont mind if its pre-loved or pre order. any colors will do.

My e-mail :

Hi Sought and Found,
I'm looking for this wedges. 
Size 6. 
I don't mind pre-loved or brand new as long as in good condition. 
Pleaseee! :(

I'm looking for a blouse something like this or similar. 
I dont mind if its pre-loved or pre order. Any colors will do.

My e-mail :

Hi, I'm looking for this Topshop Asymmetric Dress, UK6, Less than RM65.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Looking for this purple dress and short jumpsuit/romper with cut out on the side like this
Price around RM70 - 80.

Am looking for a vintage rucksack/bagpack, preferably with florals or just in plain blue :)
Hopefully not more than RM100! 
Do email me at 
Thanks! :)

I'm looking for this Topshop Baseball jacket. 
Anyone have it and wanna let it go? Just name your price. 
Have been searching for this high and low. Thanks!

I'm looking for this dress or similar one. OR any dress that suit for attending wedding dinner.
* I'm bridesmaid :)
* Pieces that elegant and nice! 
* UK8 - 10 ONLY!


Hey all. I'm looking for this exact Boxy Bat Top from Pumpkin. Any colors will do but prefer bright colors. Thanks :)
Mail me:

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Hey I am looking for a superman hoodie. 
Leave a comment if you have one in stock:)

Friday, October 7, 2011

Hi ladies,
Was wondering if anyone knows where I can get exactly the same dress in black?
I actually have it in nude, but the color doesn't suit me.
If anyone is interested in this piece in nude, I am selling mine off.
Do send me an e-mail if anyone has it in black or wants to buy the one I have :)
Thank you!

Hi there,
I'm looking for a Hermes Birkin inspired bag. 
Price less than RM100.

Please drop me an e-mail if you've seen this bowler hat, or are selling it, or want to sell of yours. 
In red/black colour. 
Hopefullybelow RM25 ? :)

I'm looking for a chiffon top (any colour) like this.
Don't mind if its pre ordered of preloved or ready stock.
Thanks =)

I'm looking for this dress, in any of these 2 colours, brand new or preloved is welcome just as long as its in good condition. 
Price not above rm50 if possible, but if it can be lower, i would appreciate it alot.. :) 
Thank you so much!
Just e-mail me at

I'm looking for a dress that looks something like these dresses in the pictures.
Preferably with a sweetheart neckline, not too long & in a nude/beige/peachy colour. (:
Please e-mail me at
Thank you!

Hi, im looking for the exact same red dress.
If you find any or have any ideas on where to get it, please comment on the post or e-mail me at

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I'm looking for this MAC Makeup Brush.
Below RM50 if possible.
I would appreciate if you could help me.

E-mail me at

I'm urgently looking for this dress exactly the same color from room 8008. 
If anyone saw it sumwer else pls let me noe.
Preloved is okay for me =)
Thx thx!

I'm looking for dress like above. 
Preloved is welcome =)
UK 6 is preferable. 

Thx =) 

I'm looking for jeggings, light blue or acid wash blue which can fit up to size 29 (L).
No pre-loved please.    
Anyone, just feel free to e-mail me at
Thanks a bunch! 

Looking for a dress with this print for a veryyy long time! Please help. 
Don't mind preloved, and preferably not above RM50. 
Mail me! :)

Dear Sought and Found,
I'm looking for this item as soon as possible 
I'm looking for beautiful kimono. My budget is around rm50. 

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