Monday, May 31, 2010

(pics credit to pumpkin)
Hie there,I'm looking for this military inspired blazer.
If you have it please please please mail me at
Thanks sought n found!


Looking for these skirts
Email me at

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Does anyone have this exact shoe from The Kooky Thing in size 39/8?
I really really really want this shoeeeeee! :'(
or if there's anything similar pls mail me

hey sought and found,
can you help me find this for black and grey. Less than 15.
Picture credit to
thanks! email me if you found one!

I'm looking for the top from the above image.
Picture credited to style influx
Thank you

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


i'm looking for the dress in the picture (picture credited to Dr Pizzicatto
i lovee the colour combination. so sweet! but it's sold out already :( please do help me out...
Thanks :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

*photo credits: Trend Reports*

Hey all! I'm looking for the exact same denim skirt like in the pic. my size is UK4/Uk6. dont mind if it's preloved as long as in excellent condition. do email me:

help me to find this cute polka dot denim cardi! other blog has sold out!
price range below rm 50.
email me

hye.. would like to find this dress and hope that u can help me..
tq very much

Looking for rose cardigan ; perhaps something similar like the one in the picture , pls mail :

Hi im looking for the above items from room 8008.
Picture credited to room8008

photo credited to on9 boutique: OCD
i'm looking for this kind of high waist or known as semi high waist shorts
if there is any availability...
do let me know:


I'm desperately looking for this white/off white bag. I don't want original because I cannot afford it (LOL), but I like the shape and it's functionality.
If anyone happen to have this replica in about RM60 or less, please leave a comment. It will be very much appreciated!
I don't mind preloved at all as long as it is in excellent condition :)
Thank you!

Hi, i'm looking for this exact maxi dress. please email if you have one. thanks

hi, i'm looking for a denim vest like this, anyone have it or saw it somewhere else can tell me? do mail me@


I am looking denim headband. other blog sold out!
price range rm 10 - 20
please email to

Looking for blazer similar to this one but nothing over RM100.
Picture credit of half-a-day.blogspot

Looking for these dresses!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Im looking for this tutu skirt anyone can let me know where can find it? Any color also can.
Do email me : 
Thank lot..

Monday, May 17, 2010


I'm looking for peep toe suede pumps in either grey/brown/blue/black, like in the attached picture. Brand new preferred, price range, RM100 and below.

I'm looking for a military vest that looks exactly like this one. Please help me find it. Don't mind pre-loved item. Thanks much :)


looking for exactly this kind of straw hat.
please email me at
need it urgently!

Hey beautiful people! I'm looking for this cupcakes dress! I want it so bad! Exactly like this. Different colors also can.
Don't mind if it's preloved as long as in superb condition. Hope you all can help me. Thanks :)

Do contact me:

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